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Simply Ship reborn

Jan 10, 2012
Simply Ship held a meeting in Coventry on 16 November to bring together the companies who had previously been involved with the organisation for a re-launch following the demise of EVL earlier this year.

EVL previously handled the company’s shipping and, when the company failed, the management of Simply Ship struggled to keep the organisation together.

However, Paul Delo explained that lessons had been learned from the experience and now the company was once again ready to supply shipping and related services to its member companies.  Simply Ship is intended to bring all its members, especially smaller companies that do little shipping and might be unsure of export requirements, under a single brand.

Despite the earlier problems the company now had a new head office in Aberdeen manned by a strong team: Ian Laing, Lynn Fraser and Nick Laing.

The meeting also brought together a number of supplies – software, insurance, financial services, marketing, etc. - to Simply Ship to explain how their services would benefit the group.

During the meeting there was a lively and open discussion relating to branding, quality standards, and franchising. These subjects were widely discussed and the management of Simply Ship were given clear guidance on the way the licensees wished the organisation to develop.        

Paul closed his presentation by explaining that the future looked positive for the organisation.  The company was working on its membership criteria and would, early in the New Year, be on the lookout for the required number of suitable companies that are in the correct geographical locations and can meet the stringent quality standards to join the group. 

Cheryl Lees, Moveware

Cheryl explained that the Moveware software was dedicated to the moving industry and had been developed by members of the industry. It was already providing a reliable service to a large number of well known shipping companies worldwide.

The system provides a complete software system for movers including administration, surveys, etc.  It also allows clients to log in and track moves.  Cheryl also explained that the product was in continual development with new features being added regularly.  She explained the details of how the software would work for Simply Ship members and that it could be branded and customised to meet most requirements. 


Matt Purdie, Matt Purdie and Sons

You are all good companies.  That’s one of the reasons I joined.  I thought when EVL went down that Simply Ship could fail but now all my issues have been resolved. I am 100% committed to support this, hence I have liveried a vehicle.  I am delighted with the freephone number that’s going to be handled by the head office. This is no amateur organisation. If we all commit this could be a big company and add kudos to our own companies. So let’s give it our very best shot and we’ll judge it in years to come.


Colin Lawrence


Colin explained how it is possible for overseas moving companies to make money out of currency exchange and provide their customers with an added value service at the same time. Over 90% of people transfer their money using a bank because they are unaware of the savings that can be made by using a broker. TOR FX pays 20% of all its profit to its introducing companies. It also pays £20 for every lead to the salesperson who provided the lead. Customers can save the total cost of their overseas move compared with bank charges.  


Greg Wildman

Basil Fry

Greg Wildman showed the new system his company had developed for Simply Ship. He said that it would allow members to raise an insurance certificate, very quickly, directly off the web, ready for presentation to the customer.


Nick Laing, Simply Ship Aberdeen

Nick explained that he had been in the business for 17 years and was now working from the head office in Aberdeen. It was his aim to ensure the success of Simply Ship by providing better rates and better quality. There is also Simply Pack which is now controlled solely from Aberdeen.


Alan Wilkinson

Franchise consultant

Franchising provides tested business system on which to base a business. Alan explained how the Simply Ship franchise will work for members now and in the future. Existing licensees will become franchisees giving them a saleable asset. The franchisor must continually improve the system.  Franchisees will be allowed to operate multiple businesses.


Andy Dickerson

Simply Creative

Simply Creative is Andy’s family’s business. Every idea has to have marketing to promote it. He said that there is no myth about marketing. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it can be done quickly.


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