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International Movers Convention, Bangkok

Feb 20, 2012
29 Feb – 3 March 2012, IMC.

The inaugural meeting of the IMC will take place at the end of this month.  Attendance costs are modest and the exciting city of Bangkok is a must to see for anyone who enjoys experiencing new cultures.

During the event attendees will experience what the organisers call a ‘quality focused networking environment’.  They say that if you are tired of wondering around cavernous hotel lobbies staring at people’s navels trying to find your next appointment; or holding ‘meetings’ in crowded spaces where you can hardly hear yourself talk; or trying to talk to someone who is constantly looking over your shoulder to see who else is wondering around or who the competition is talking to; this could be for you. 

Through a partnership with Lognet Global, IMC is providing access to a one-on-one meeting scheduler which will save you time in setting your meeting diary. The meeting venue, with its numbered tables, means that both parties will be in the same place at the same time and can get on with doing business and building their networks.

The agenda revolves around social events and one-on-one meetings without too much time sitting in plenary meetings dropping off to sleep.  It’s the first time they have run the event, so it remains to be seen whether it will capture the imagination of the moving industry, but it’s all looking promising.

If you fancy trying international networking with a difference, check it out at

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