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Move One in Libyan reconstruction

May 11, 2012
Move One has announced the successful completion of three shipments to Tripoli for reconstructive efforts in Libya.

The company moved satellite and communication equipment from Canada, Singapore, and the UK.

“There were some difficulties in organising airfreight from three origins and having them arrive simultaneously,” said Miroslav Georgievski, Move One’s Operation Coordinator for Africa. “We originally discussed consolidating all three shipments in a neighboring country and forwarding the cargo by sea or truck to Tripoli. However, we eventually found a solution to send the cargo at the same time directly to Tripoli as was requested by our customer.”

Georgievski is optimistic that from this point forward, flights to Tripoli will be regular, allowing Move One to step up its service in Libya. “We are very proud to be a significant part of supply chain that assists reconstructive efforts in this country and assisting the transitional government,” he added.

Move One has been extensively involved in projects for military, natural resource exploration, infrastructure rehabilitation, and humanitarian aid in Africa. To better serve its clients on the continent it has expanded its operations and improved its established network of trusted partners. 


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