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New drivers’ iPhone app from Renault Trucks

Jul 15, 2013
Renault Trucks has launched a new free iPhone app to help truck drivers keep track of their driving and resting time.

Time Book will replace the notebook and pen many drivers keep in their cab to log their driving activity, bringing personal record keeping in line with modern technology.

Although driving activity is tracked by the tachograph, providing the only legal reference for these measurements, the data recorded by the Time Book app enables drivers to anticipate their situation and not exceed their daily driving hours or the permitted 56 hours maximum allowed in a single week.

Using Time Book is simple, the driver only has to press one of four icons: driving, available, short break or long break. This will start the stopwatch. At the end of each activity, they press the same button again to stop the time and touch another to indicate that a new activity is underway. The data recorded is then transferred to a virtual notebook which lists the activity, stating the started time, ended time and how long it lasted. At the end of the day or assignment, drivers can make corrections if any errors were made. This information can then be e-mailed to fleet managers.

This app was designed to make everyday assignments simpler for drivers and can be set up according to individual requirements. For example, when the authorised driving time is due to expire, drivers can choose to be warned in specific timed intervals before this occurs.

Download Time Book free at

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