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AIReS team raises funds to support military personnel overseas

Oct 24, 2013
AIReS team members in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania have recently completed a donation and fundraising drive to support US military personnel serving overseas.


Throughout the months of June and July, AIReS designed and sold special t-shirts featuring the American flag and the legend, ‘AIReS Supports Our Troops' to staff members, friends and family. The funds raised were used to purchase some of the most requested items; chips, cookies, crackers, toiletries, shampoo, soap, deodorant and entertainment items such as books, movies and magazines, to be included in several care packages.

“I've always been a big supporter of the military,” said Jenny Wylie, Immigration Specialist and one of the coordinators of the drive. “I have a lot of friends who served or are serving and feel it's important to show our support because the men and women voluntarily serve to protect us and our country.”

Beverly Caputo, Head of the Corporate Pep Squad who sponsored the initiative said, "I feel so honored to live in the United States and to know that we have a strong military to keep us safe. The military fundraiser was a special project to honour and recognise the great sacrifice that the men and women who are currently deployed make every day. AIReS’ staff will proudly wear their military t-shirts to demonstrate their support of the troops, and we hope the troops enjoy the items collected as a small token of appreciation."


Picture: The AIReS team wearing their fund raising t-shirts

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