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UAE to introduce TIR

Sep 29, 2014
The UAE is to introduce the TIR System across its territory. The guarantee agreement was made on 24 June.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi customs will benefit initially from TIR and similar agreements with the remaining five Emirates expected to follow in coming months, with ATCUAE (Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE) seeking to have TIR fully operational in the near future.

Transport times and costs across the region are expected to be reduced, including through the ports of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Electronic pre-declarations to customs, real-time traceability of TIR carnets and efficient risk management through the TIR System will also help make border procedures faster, more secure and user-friendly.

Truckers making use of the TIR procedure must first obtain an internationally harmonised customs document, referred to as a TIR carnet. TIR carnets are issued by national road transport associations. This customs document is valid internationally and as well as describing the goods, their shipper and their destination, represents a financial guarantee. When a truck arrives at a border customs post it need not pay import duties and taxes on goods at that time. Instead the payments are suspended. If the vehicle transits the country without delivering any goods, no taxes are due. If it fails to leave the country with all the goods, then the taxes are billed to the importer and the financial guarantee backstops the importer's obligation to pay the taxes. TIR transits are carried out in bond, i.e. the lorry must be sealed as well as bearing the carnet. The security payment system is administered by the International Road Transport Union (IRU).


Image: H.E Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs (right) and ATCUAE President

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