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Venezuela update

Jun 29, 2016
The political, economic and trading environment in Venezuela has continued to deteriorate. According to OMNI agent Global Mudanzas Internacionales in Caracas it is becoming worse by the day.

Juerg Degenmann, the company’s general manager, said that there are still issues with airlines as well as containerised cargo that cause delays. The Venezuela - Colombia border continues to be closed and it is anybody’s guess if and when it will be reopened to free traffic again. 

Juerg explained that there has recently been an announcement by President Maduro that schools will be closed on Fridays and public servants will only work Mondays and Tuesdays in order to try and conserve energy. This means that all activities at customs, the ports and airports, warehouses and related services will slow down with increase delays. “However we will remain working full-time and have guaranteed clients that the scheduled pack dates will be met,” said Juerg. “Surveyor and supervisors are also in attendance and we will comply with all clients’ requests.”

He went on to reassure clients that he would do everything possible to prevent delays to shipments entrusted to Global Mudanzas Internacionales.  “Through our customs broker we will keep in close contact with port/airport authorities to ensure we are informed on a timely basis of any changes that might affect us.”

Photo:  Juerg Degenmann

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