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Arpin Group undergoes cyber security test to bolster defences against hackers

Apr 02, 2017
In January 2016, Arpin Group completed a cyber security penetration test, administered by an independent firm, to evaluate the company’s defences against hackers.

Arpin Group hired Digital Boundary Group (DBG), a firm that specialises in making companies hacker-proof. DBG/Nutanix spent several days in secret, probing Arpin Group’s digital defences, deploying the same methods that a criminal might use to discover and exploit the company’s potential vulnerabilities.

The test started by gathering information about Arpin through publicly available sources such as social media, domain registries, certificates, e-mail, mobile phones, etc. Once phase 1 was complete, DBG then attempted to break into Arpin’s systems by exploiting possible points of vulnerability, such as sending e-mails, texts and faxes to employees with malicious links or forcing entry via known software bugs, for example.

Donald Frazier, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Arpin Group said, “This is an exciting time for Arpin Group because we are growing rapidly on an international scale. However, with that growth, we are also exposed to greater visibility and potential threats from cyber criminals. Therefore, we are being proactive about bolstering our information security so that all our clients; corporate, government and COD customers, may be assured that their personal information is protected.”

The penetration test will be repeated on an annual basis, occurring on a random date so that Arpin staff cannot prepare for it.

Arpin is also in the process of conducting an ISO Security Assessment of its physical security, including doors, windows, cameras, and parking lots, as well as lockdown, disaster recovery, pandemic procedures and senior management security policies. Arpin staff all over the world are being trained on updated security measures.

Picture: Donald Frazier

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