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New appointments at Interdean

Jul 29, 2011
Robert Fletcher and Mark Rising join Interdean International Relocation

Interdean International Relocation has appointed Robert Fletcher as Managing Director of Group Relocation and Mark Rising as his Sales Director.  Both Robert and Mark will be based at Interdean’s London office.

As Managing Director of Group Relocation, Robert will be responsible for the relocation strategy across the Interdean Group.  He will oversee relocation operations across Interdean’s 48 offices and work with local Interdean relocation heads to develop their local relocation services.

“Interdean operates across a diverse range of locations and cultures and our relocation services have been developed to meet these local market needs,” Robert said. “I will be looking to build on the good work to date and to drive the business forward with a crystal clear relocation service strategy.  We will continue to develop Interdean’s consistent international approach which is a prerequisite for large multinational businesses today.  In addition, we will continue to retain the flexibility within each local office to provide a personalised service that assignees and local client business units look for. We will continue to invest in core processes such as Interdean’s Perfect Relocation, ISIS management software system and compliance. Interdean has some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the business.  Therefore, training and development programmes via the Interdean Academy will be stepped up.”

Robert has over 20 years’ experience in the relocation industry, having worked his way up to this senior appointment through a wide range of operational and client-focused posts. Robert has worked with a number of multi-national companies over the past few years, developing bespoke relocation programmes and overseeing the implementation of each programme, working as an extension of their in-house HR departments. 

Mark Rising was previously responsible for business development at Interdean.  He has 30 years’ experience in the relocation industry. “The relocation industry is changing rapidly,” he said, “and organisations are facing many challenges.  My task is to work with our clients to ensure the maximum value is achieved from their relocation programmes.  The traditional expatriate assignment with all expenses covered is becoming less commonplace, but the number of assignments being authorised each year is increasing.  We are seeing more short-term relocations, for example, as companies need to transfer human capital and position talent in every corner of the globe, at the same time as delivering cost-saving initiatives.  At Interdean, we have developed our services to cover the wide range of relocation programmes in place today.”

Mark Rising            Robert Fletcher 

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