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Mark Dell

Sep 14, 2011
An obituary for Mark Dell who ran the family firm S. Dell & Sons in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with his father, Geoff and his cousin, Tony.

An obituary by Steve Jordan

The moving industry was shocked in July by the sad news of Mark Dell’s death.  He died on 17 July after suffering a heart attack.  He was just 49 years old. 

Mark ran the family firm S. Dell & Sons in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with his father, Geoff and his cousin, Tony.  Not only was Mark well respected as someone with extensive knowledge of the moving industry, but someone who gave his time willingly to support it.  He had been a long standing member of the BAR National Council and, until recently, had been on the committee of the New Met Area ever since its inception.

His funeral took place at St Peters Church, Berkhamsted on 26 July.  Around 450 friends and colleagues from the moving industry attended, a remarkable turn out even for such a popular character.  In keeping with Mark’s character the funeral included some fun to counter the sadness of the day. 

At the funeral Mark’s son, Chris, spoke about his dad. His stories included, for example, tales of when Mark was a choirboy at St. Peters – probably the last thing anyone would have expected to occupy his time as a youth - and his nickname, Sparky, earned in his early days as a mover: he offered to move a light fitting for a customer and got thrown across the room putting out all the lights in the street. “My father didn’t believe in doing anything in moderation, a trait I have inherited from him and have many a story to prove it,” he said. “He was always happy in company and liked to be part of a group joining in many pool and dart leagues over the years.”

In all the years I knew Mark I never knew him to be down. He was always jolly with a quick smile and always willing to help anyone who needed it. He particularly enjoyed his times at BAR conferences, as I remember, sometimes until quite late in the evening! He was a bit of a whiz on the dance floor too as I remember.  “One of his teenage idols was found when he first saw the glisten of the gold sovereign round the neck and the sharp crisp white suit,” said Chris. “The showmanship of John Travolta proved too much to keep him off the dance floor and he couldn’t help but strut his stuff even taking time off from S. Dell & Sons to audition for different roles on stage.”

The moving industry has many characters that give it its charm and its attraction.  It is these people who make the industry enchanting for all those who work in it.  It’s knowing and working with these fabulous characters that keeps us all coming back for more every day of our working lives. Mark was one of those people who create the charm and the fascination for the business.  He will be greatly missed by all those who were close to him.

Mark leaves behind his parents Geoff and Carol, his cousin Tony, long-term partner Kate, their three children, his three children from his first marriage, and many friends both within the moving industry and elsewhere.

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