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Life on the front line: Glenn Biggs, Pluscrates

Feb 29, 2012
An interview with Glenn Biggs, mobile porter at Pluscrates, by David Jordan, Deputy Editor of The Mover

Delivering crates in central London is no easy task with ever increasing parking restrictions, road works and traffic congestion. Time is always at a premium, but despite the difficulties Pluscrates’ customers – some of the industry’s top relocation companies - still expect their deliveries to be made on schedule with the minimum of disruption.

Thirty-four year old Glenn Biggs joined Pluscrates three-and-a-half years ago and now works as a mobile porter scurrying all over London by underground to help with deliveries wherever he’s needed.  Glenn lives in Rotherhithe not far from the City and the West End where many of Pluscrates’ deliveries are made. “I phone in at about 6.30 AM and find out what’s happening that day,” said Glenn. “I usually meet up with the first delivery at about 7.30, sometimes I’ll stay with the same delivery driver all day, but I usually move around town using my Oyster Card to meet up with other drivers during the course of the day.”

I asked Glenn what he liked best about the job and was a little surprised by his answer. “I like meeting the customers and finding out a bit about what they do - I think it’s important to take an interest in people,” said Glenn. “Even though we’re wearing Pluscrates’ uniforms we’re also representing the relocation company we’re working for so we need to make a good impression.” Glenn’s interpersonal skills also come in useful with the omnipresent traffic wardens who tenaciously patrol the London streets looking for easy prey. “Sometimes if you talk to them nicely they’ll give you a few minutes to get the load off, it doesn’t always work but it’s worth a try.”

Glenn also likes to keep fit and so the physical side of the job appeals to him too. “Running up six flights of stairs with five crates on your shoulder is as good as any workout. If I had to pay to get that sort of exercise in a gym it would cost me a fortune, but with this job I get paid for doing it,” he said with a smile. “I really enjoy my job, it’s great to get out and about and be part of London - I’d go mental if I was stuck in doors all day. There’s a great atmosphere between the lads and although we work hard we always find time to have a good laugh. I think that’s what life’s all about.”

Away from work Glenn enjoys playing pool at his local pub and supporting his favourite team Arsenal.   


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