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Lorraine Dicksee retires

Dec 18, 2015
Colleagues and clients of Lorraine Dicksee, General Manager at specialist insurance broker Reason Global, gathered at Brighton’s Grand Hotel on 6 November to wish her a happy retirement after more than 40 years in the industry.

Lorraine joined Reason Global in 2005 after spending several years with the Willis Group where she specialised in removals and was responsible for developing an insurance facility for the burgeoning self storage industry in the late 1980s. 

Lorraine has fond memories of those early days when self storage was a new concept in the UK and few people predicted that it would become the multi-million pound industry it is today. 

“I remember being invited to speak about insurance at a Self Storage Association meeting in London during the early 1990s; there were only about 30 people there,” said Lorraine. “That’s how it all started for me and from there it just snowballed. In those days people would often begin working for one of the large operators and then decide to set up their own business, it was a very dynamic market. Last year I spoke at the FEDESSA & SSA conference in Stockholm and there were hundreds of people in the audience.  It’s amazing how the industry has grown.” 

Ten years ago when regulation was introduced to the insurance industry Lorraine worked closely with the BAR and the Self Storage Association, along with the FSA, to develop ways for removals companies to sell insurance without having to be regulated. The scheme that was eventually agreed still forms the basis on which insurance products are sold by removers and storers today. 

With so much experience in the removals and self storage business Lorraine is highly regarded by her clients who admire her straight-forward honesty and wealth of knowledge, and will be sorry to see her go.  

“During the last couple of years I’ve been doing more work behind the scenes dealing with things such as compliance, policy wordings and other technical matters, although until very recently I still dealt directly with clients,” said Lorraine.  “I’ve been training and mentoring some of the younger members of the team in preparation for my leaving and I know they will do a great job. There are also some very experienced people here who have worked in the industry almost as long as I have, so our clients will continue to be very well looked after.” 

“Lorraine will be sorely missed by all of us at Reason Global, not least because of her skills and expertise in her field, but also as a team player in the office, who always gave time and guidance to her younger colleagues when needed,” said David Raynor, Reason Global Managing Director.  “With Lorraine retiring, the self storage and moving industries will have lost one of their biggest enthusiasts, but I am sure it will always be in her heart.” 

Although Lorraine will be sorry to leave the industry she has devoted over 40 years of her life to, she is looking forward to her retirement and having the time to indulge her love of travelling with husband Andrew. The couple celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this year and have already made plans to visit the Caribbean, Canada and North America. 

“I shall miss my job and the people I have had the pleasure of knowing for so many years,” said Lorraine.  “I suppose in some ways the insurance industry is boring, but I have loved every minute of it.  It’s all about the people.  The people in the moving and self strorage industries are the friendliest, most sociable people you could ever wish for and I can’t praise them enough for the support they’ve given me over the years.”    

Photo: Lorraine Dicksee & David Raynor

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