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Move4U Uber-izes the moving industry

Nov 18, 2016
Move4U has recently launched a new cloud-based software that the company claims helps movers to create error-free quotes, manage their businesses better and helps with accurate claims handling.
MovePro includes a suite of products designed especially for end-users, surveyors, packers, claim handlers and underwriters. All the products are connected into the Move4U MoveCloud allowing information to be collected, filed, reviewed and passed on, as required, 24/7.

MovePro enables movers to accurately manage client data from inspection right through the entire packing and unpacking process. It is also integrated into legacy systems such as RedSky. It consists of three modules: SurveyPro, PackinPro and PackoutPro that work seamlessly together in a chain, passing information from one to the other, but can also be used stand-alone to create more flexibility.

After the survey, information is directly available to create a quotation and can be passed on to the packing crew through the PackinPro module. The company says that MovePro offers a range of benefits to users including 100% accuracy, multi-language interfaces, more efficient job management and the elimination of damage discussions due to time-stamped survey photographs saved in the MoveCloud. The system also allows reports to be created based on the compiled client data such as damage trends, subcontractor performance and volume estimation variances.

Mr Joggie Taute, CEO of Move4U said that these reports help users to manage their moving companies better. “For example, analysis options include the ability to compare the efficiency of various pack in and pack out teams, and trends in claims from country to country, etc.,” he explained. “Also our multilingual input and output screens are clear, intuitive and excellent for international moves.”

“In combination with our ClaimApp application, the photos, bar coding and packing information can be matched with the PackIn module information stored in the MoveCloud to, in many cases, quickly prove or disprove damage claims,” said Joggie.

Photo: MovePro includes products that are all connected into the Move4U MoveCloud and are designed for end-users, surveyors, packers, claim handlers and underwriters .

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