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Trailerlock guards against theft and stowaways

Mar 31, 2017

is a new device that protects the rear doors of trailers and LCVs to prevent intruders from breaking into vehicles, either while moving or while at rest in parking areas. Trailerlock comprises a case, anchoring bolt, secret nut and a wrench, plus back-up wrench to anchor the locking mechanism to the frame of the trailer.

The device is manufactured from solid steel, is simple to operate and resistant to mechanical interference. It does not require additional modifications to the rear doors of semi-trailers, meaning the product can be deployed without expensive installation costs. Trailerlock fits most trailers and is ideal for international operators or any trailers which are carrying high-value goods or are likely to be left unaccompanied.

Photos: Top: Trailerlock fitted to a trailer; right: Would-be clandestines attempting
to break in to a trailer.

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