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New low entry cab from Volvo

Sep 30, 2011
The new Volvo FE LEC (Low Entry Cab).

Volvo Trucks has introduced a new cab variant for the Volvo FE with an extra-low entry. The new cab, the Volvo FE LEC (Low Entry Cab) is designed for vehicles used in operations that require the driver to climb in and out of the cab several times a day. With the kneeling function activated, the cab’s only step is just 440 mm above the road surface.

"We are now meeting our customers' requirements with a truck that is type-approved throughout Europe and that shares 95% of its components with standard versions of the Volvo FE," said Anders Bellini, Product Manager, City and Regional Distribution, Volvo Trucks.

The fact that the market for trucks with a low entry is growing is largely a matter of health and safety. For example, a driver in city distribution operations climbs into and out of the cab several times per shift. With a low entry, there is far less strain on the driver's knees. The Volvo FE LEC also has a door opening angle of 90 degrees on the passenger side. This combined with the low entry height means it is possible to exit the cab facing outwards while maintaining a watchful eye on the surrounding traffic. The floor is entirely flat.

"The cab has space for up to four people who can get in and out efficiently and sit in comfort while the truck is on the move. In congested traffic, it is of course always a safety advantage to be able to climb out of the cab onto the pavement," said Anders Bellini.

Safety is also the reason the Volvo FE LEC has been designed to give the driver the best possible visibility in every direction. In addition to large rear-view mirrors and close-visibility mirrors, there is a low window in the passenger door and extra side windows in the rear of the cab. In other respects too the Volvo FE LEC has been specially configured for efficient city operations, with a high-torque seven-litre engine producing a choice of 300 or 340 horsepower mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The truck is available in 4x2 or 6x2 configuration with a steered tag axle, offering excellent manoeuvrability even in narrow streets.

"The Volvo FE LEC is a longed-for addition to our FE family. It will contribute to a better and safer working climate for the person who uses it as his or her everyday working tool and will help boost our customers' competitiveness," said Anders Bellini.

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