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Feb 02, 2015
Imagine you are a magazine editor. Every month you start with a clean sheet. Four weeks later a new, shiny magazine runs off the press. Where does the information come from? How do you write 48 pages from scratch? The answer, of course, is you don’t. By Steve Jordan

Some editors are blessed with an editorial team to go out hunting for stories, but most work by themselves. They rely on contributions coming in from willing contributors.  People like you perhaps?

The problem is most submissions are really lightly veiled advertisements. The temptation to slip in a quick plug, or even be completely overt in selling your services is a sure fire way of not getting your piece published.

A story for the press or the web, has to be topical, relevant and well written.  It must be non-promotional and, if possible, be accompanied by a good quality photograph that will help tell the story and enhance the look of the magazine. It will probably give away some information, it might amuse, but it will not attempt to sell.

There are lots of things you can write about. You can give advice, as long as you’re qualified to give it; you can offer a warning – maybe of a scam you’ve stumbled upon; describe something your company has achieved, a new contract, something you’ve done for the community or for charity, or how about giving your opinion on something topical – your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s, you can even respond to something someone else has written.

If you do these things you will see your work in print, quietly promote your business for free and, most important of all, make an editor or two happy! Now wouldn’t that be a good New Year’s resolution?

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