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First UK cloud service for O’Neil

Feb 03, 2015
L&R Storage Ltd has moved its on-site RS-SQL over to O’Neil Software’s new cloud service – Hosted RS-SQL.

L&R Storage Ltd has locations in the West Midlands and provides secure document storage, shredding, indexing and scanning services to clients on a national scale.  The company was formed in 2002, succeeding the previous organisation L&R Services, which offered archive services from the mid-80s.

Stephen Rose, Business Development Manager for L&R Storage said, “We had used O’Neil’s RS-SQL software on site for nearly 5 years, with great success.  However, our servers were in need of an upgrade and we were going to open a new facility. Additionally, we wanted to free ourselves from maintaining and supporting today’s cutting-edge technology on-site. By turning over those responsibilities to O’Neil, our need to invest in backend IT infrastructure and administration staff dropped dramatically, along with the need for data centre space.”

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