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Crown World Mobility to host seminar in Aberdeen on how to serve the rotator population

Feb 05, 2015
Crown World Moblity is to host a seminar in Aberdeen on Wednesday March 4 discussing issues affecting the city’s rotator population and analysing how best to serve them.

Rotators, by their very nature, never spend too long in one place, on average moving in and out of the host location every 30 days. This brings with it multiple challenges often not experienced by those on more traditional assignments.

These include:

  • working in confined environments (offshore rigs for example)
  • working in multicultural environments with minimal ramp up time
  • pressures on family life including being an absent parent
  • compliance issues from  a corporate perspective

Crown World Mobility, a company that helps corporations manage global talent and makes it easier for talented individuals to perform on the world stage, has vast experience in the field - while rotators are a hot topic in Aberdeen, centre of the British oil industry.

The four-hour seminar, which begins at 9am at The Marcliffe, Aberdeen, will aim to provide attendees with a solid understanding of the realities their rotators face, along with practical advice to support them more effectively. 

Crown World Mobility business development manager Suzie Provan said: “Very few events in the world of global mobility focus on rotators, yet they need just as much support and guidance as anyone else moving between borders.   

“Clients have confirmed to us that they know of no other organisation speaking about this topic, yet it is highly relevant to their roles as Global Mobility Managers and HR professionals.  For clients in Aberdeen, who are now directly affected by the drop in oil prices, the types of moves they may expect in 2015 has shifted, with one client already stating that they will cut back on traditional move types this year but expect Rotators to remain constant, or even increase. 

“As clients seek to increase their understanding of this group, Crown is in a unique position to take advantage of this competitive edge and engage with our audience on a new area. “

The session will be led by highly respected Glasgow-based management consultant and leadership mentor Alastair Wyllie, who be joined by Graham McKechnie, Global Tax Director at activpayroll. 

Businesses wishing to attend the seminar, which is free of charge but has limited spaces, should contact Suzie Provan on 07551 172733.


For more details please contact Chris Hatherall or Alex Hankinson on 01273 666200 or email

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