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New website lets customers keep track of home moving chain

Mar 17, 2015
Software developer Merlin Law has launched a free service which promises to shed some long-overdue light on the murky world of moving house.

Described as being ‘like having a friendly property expert on hand 24/7’, provides simple online checklists to help people track their home moving chain, and removes the frustration of not knowing who has done what.

In a January 2015 survey by the Law Society, just under a third of respondents (29%) felt out of touch during the conveyancing process and just over a third (36%) said they have a very limited knowledge of the process. They also identified ‘the waiting aspect’ as being the most stressful part, and in many cases would be prepared to pay more for a faster service.

Sadly, under the current system there is no way to speed up the process, as everybody is moving at the speed of the slowest link in the chain, but a service like Chainmaster will help movers identify that weak link and take appropriate action.

Manuel Peralta, has used the system and described it as “like having a sat-nav for my home move, because it mapped out the whole journey from the beginning, then told me what steps to take at each point”.

Some industry observers have suggested that Chainmaster will make life difficult for estate agents, because users are prompted to ask more probing questions than would usually be the case, but the team behind Chainmaster dispute this. Iain Row, Chainmaster’s Lead Developer, argues that better-informed users make more relaxed customers. “We encourage estate agents to use the system to help explain the process to their customers, and keep them updated on progress,” he said. “In fact most people we speak to, who have never moved house, assume incorrectly that their agent will use some kind of online system to keep them informed. With Chainmaster, they can.”

About Chainmaster

Chainmaster is the brainchild of a team of entrepreneurial legal experts and software developers, each of whom had suffered frustration during their home moving experiences due to the lack of clarity in the present system. By pooling their collective skills, they were able to build a user-friendly website to:

a)    Give the average user an insight into the essential steps in the conveyancing process
b)   Explain the sometimes confusing legal terminology in plain English

c)    Provide users with an easy way to record progress

The system was initially aimed at estate agents, with a view to improving their communications with their customers. However, Chainmaster met resistance from the industry, who were concerned that providing in-depth information would make dealing with their customers more difficult. In response, a public-facing service was launched at to give the public an easy way to gather the information themselves.

Users can sign up and use the service free at

Photos:; Chainmaster's Lead Developer Iain Row.

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