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New value-added service for AIM members

Apr 21, 2015
The Alliance of Independent Movers (AIM) has teamed up with Survey Go ( to provide members with their own online digital removal questionnaire management tool. The service will be provided free to members.

Survey Go allows users to send online questionnaires to their customers to gather valuable management information, and to measure and monitor the effectiveness of their service. AIM says that this will allow its members to further demonstrate their company's commitment to continual improvement, a genuine interest in customer care, and to providing a first class service. 

The questionnaire business tool comes preloaded with bespoke removal questionnaire templates from which the AIM member can elect to send, with a personalised introduction and their signature. For the AIM member's business use there are also staff feedback and staff training questionnaires included in the template library. The questionnaire tool even allows the AIM member to easily and quickly devise and create their own online survey questionnaires. After a digital questionnaire is sent, and after completion, the AIM customer is automatically directed to the member’s website, and the response is returned in real time into the individual AIM member’s online account, and displayed in their statistics section for their own confidential business use.

Included - Removal Templates for Customers 

Your Recent Removals Quote: send to receive valuable feedback and useful management information to unsuccessful quotations; 

Your Recent Move: send to receive powerful management information regarding your customers’ perceptions of your company, service, and staff following a move;

How Did You Hear About Us: send to enquiries if you wish to measure and assess the effectiveness of your company's marketing strategy.

Included - HR Templates for Staff

Employee Satisfaction: get the best from your employees - obtain valuable feedback regarding their perception of your company, identify strengths and weaknesses, goals and aspirations;  

Training Questionnaire: send to your staff to assess whether internal or external training learning outcomes were achieved, measure the effectiveness of the training.

The cooperation with Survey Go is the most recent value added membership service from AIM.  The organisation is currently in discussions with other key service providers to provide additional membership benefits. 


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