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Reusable low cost mattress cover from UK packaging supplier

Apr 22, 2015
Industrial packaging supplier Weir & Carmichael has designed a reusable protective cover for transporting mattresses.

The Britwrap Reusable Transit Cover is a new concept in packaging offering excellent protection during a house move or while in storage and can, according to the company, be used up to 80 times, making it extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly. 

The Britwrap cover is a development of a product originally designed for the retail industry to protect kitchen worktops during transit and is now used by many of the UK’s top DIY stores.

As well as providing excellent protection, the Britwrap cover also makes man-handling mattresses much easier thanks to hand grips on the sides of the cover. Removers already using the product have found this particularly convenient, especially given the trend towards larger beds in recent years.

The Britwrap covers are made of woven Polypropylene in a range of sizes and are much cheaper than conventional quilted covers. Julia Pemberton, Commercial Director of Weir & Carmichael said, “We’ve recently reduced our prices with the aim of encouraging more moving companies to use Britwrap and it’s proved very successful. They now cost around a third of the price of a typical quilted cover. The effect has been to change the customer profile from private individuals buying a few covers, to commercial companies buying much larger quantities.”

Britwrap is supplied to moving companies throughout the UK and around the world and there are plans to launch more new products for the industry later this year.

For more information and to order online visit:


Photos: Top - the Britwrap Reusable Transit Cover; Hand grips make mattress handling easier.

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