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Commercial drivers under pressure to ease accident delays

May 19, 2015
Road traffic collisions delay just under half of commercial vehicle drivers at least once every month, with many drivers feeling under pressure to make up the time, according to a survey.

Carried out by Driver First Assist (DFA), the study suggests that 47% of commercial drivers experience one hold-up a month, with a further 28% delayed three to five times.  Furthermore, 40% of those who said they had been slowed down by an accident admitted to feeling “under pressure” to make up the time. The majority (30%) put this demand on themselves, but some (17%) said they felt it from their employers.

Driver First Assist has published the survey to highlight the need to educate professional drivers on how to deal with the scene of a collision.  Founder David Higginbottom said, “Being delayed due to a road accident is stressful for everyone involved, not least for those drivers who have delivery targets to meet.  The good news is that better collision management in the first minutes after a crash can reduce deaths and serious injuries, as well as get everybody back on their way quicker.”

Driver First Assist, a non-profit road safety initiative, offers free training to commercial drivers – those most often first on the scene when a road traffic collision occurs – to administer basic and potentially life-saving first aid.  More than 76% of drivers surveyed said they would consider taking DFA’s course if it meant roads would be cleared sooner.


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