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Vacuum pack your document storage

Jun 29, 2016
A company from Milton Keynes has devised a system to help document storage companies improve their service to customers and increase revenue: vacuum packing the files.

Pack & Track Ltd claims to be able to pack around 40% more files into each storage box by specialist vacuum packing each file separately.  This not only reduces the volume but also provides improved security and protects the documents from water damage, especially if sprinkler systems are activated during a fire.  

Although this is a clear benefit for customers it is counter intuitive for document storage companies as most charge a rate per box.  If the customer can get more in a box the revenue is reduced accordingly.  However, if companies sell this as a premium service to customers, or adjust their charging system, it can show clear benefits to both customer and supplier.  

Tony Gray runs the company.  He said that it does sound a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas but customers like it and so storage companies need to find a way of providing the service they want. “It’s also possible that a document storage company could use the process to reduce the number of storage boxes required when quoting against some of the market leading companies,” he explained. “This could bring the costs down enough for them to be able to compete.”  

Photos: Vacuum packing means 40% more files per box.

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