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Only fools and movers

Sep 18, 2016

Matt Campbell from Kilmarnock Removals sent these pictures to The Mover.  It seemed like a good idea at the time to display this classic vehicle in the office dressed in the company’s new livery, but Matt hadn’t reckoned on having to dismantle half the office to get it in.  “Hopefully it'll catch people's attention and remind them to call us if they have any need for removals, storage or packing material. Anything that makes us stand out from the crowd can't be bad.”  

Indeed it can’t.  Anyway, next year at this time Matt we’ll all be millionaires.  

Photos: Top: the freshly liveried Reliant; centre: crew dismantling the Kilmarnock Removals office; bottom: the visitors’ eye view through the window.

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