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John Mason adopts SurveyBot technology

Oct 19, 2016
John Mason has recently adopted the use of SurveyBot: a new technology that allows customers to record video inventories and receive quotes via their own smart devices.

“We are among the first in the UK to use this pioneering software with our clients - and it’s completely re-shaping and enhancing our offering here,” said John Mason International’s Simon Hood. “People connect with us on a recorded video chat, show the items they want to move, and they get a quote. It really is that simple and convenient. Having the ability to take video and turn it into an accurate inventory list is a game changer. It allows our customers to interact with us in their own way, right from their mobile phones."  

Simon said that SurveyBot makes his service more efficient and affordable and offers customers convenience and flexibility, as well as ensuring information security. All videos are recorded, avoiding any risk of discrepancies. “We’ve already had a great reaction from our clients,” he said, adding that he believed it would transform the future of transportation, logistics and supply chains. “It could even be the beginning of the end of home removal surveyors.”   

Daniela Alpert, founder and Director of Business Development at Crater, added: “With our video survey platform and virtual management solution, we’re breathing new life into a decades-old industry. We are providing the necessary, innovative, tools and software for moving companies that will support them in meeting the demands of this fast expanding digital landscape. We are pleased to now be in partnership with John Mason International and are extremely confident that our technology will see them through their mission to provide a flexible moving experience for their customers.” 

Photo: SurveyBot "offers customers convenience and flexibility..."


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