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Relocation Logistics designs purpose-built ramp for unloading long items

Jan 08, 2017
Belfast-based Relocation Logistics, has employed Thorworld Industries to design it a purpose-modified yard ramp that will help it to load and unload long items.

The company, originally formed in 1994 as a household removal firm, has evolved with the times and its clients’ business needs, by expanding its services to include the shipping and handling of wind turbine component parts and timber materials.   

“The ramp we had on hire was far from ideal, in terms of design and quality,” said Jeff Doran from Relocation Logistics. “We felt that rather than paying a monthly fee to rent a piece of equipment that had become antiquated, we could source a firm capable of manufacturing a bespoke yard ramp - one with the capacity to better handle the large materials we ship and store, and designed to ensure our operatives remained safe at all times.”  

Jeff began an Internet-based research project, and found that Thorworld Industries had the expertise to customise mobile yard ramps and create loading bay solutions that met specific loading needs.  “As many of the imported materials we handle are long and large, such as timber products and the blades and main engine drives for wind turbines, we needed a piece of equipment that would facilitate our fork lift trucks more safely, and speed up the loading and unload process – particularly as our business has become more productive in recent years,” explained Jeff.  

The new design has castellated sides that allow operatives to unload long items from the side of the ramp. The yard ramp has also been finished in bright orange offering superb visibility - another major safety factor.  

Photo:  Loading ramp with castellated sides for handling long items.

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