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Industry supports Driver CPC

Feb 14, 2017

As experts suggest that Driver CPC will remain following the UK’s forthcoming departure from the European Union, research by the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) has shown that the majority of businesses feel positive towards Driver CPC training.

“At RTITB, we feel that it is extremely important to retain Driver CPC legislation post-Brexit, primarily because of the effects on safety and its role in staff development,” explained Laura Nelson, Managing Director of RTITB, the UK’s leading Driver CPC Consortium.

At a recent industry debate attended by RTITB, experts suggested that the upcoming Brexit will not mean the end of EU-legislation, such as Driver CPC, in the UK, but it may be reformed. Research conducted by RTITB in October 2016 indicates that the LGV/HGV sector would welcome this continuation of Driver CPC.

“We strongly believe that Driver CPC has been a positive step forward for training since it was introduced for HGV drivers in 2009. According to our research the industry agrees - 70% of respondents said that it has improved driver training within their company,” said Laura.

One area in which respondent opinion was split was in regards to the amount of training legally required. Although 50% are happy with the requirement for 35 hours over five years and feel it is about right, 42% feel it is too much. The remaining 8% would favour more training time and feel the current requirements are not enough to ensure safety and best practice.

Photo: Research suggests the industry is broadly in favour of retaining Driver CPC.

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