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Brits still moving to USA despite Trump

May 02, 2017
New research from UK-based 1st Move International shows that although distressed Americans looking to flee Donald Trump’s presidency have swamped Google as they searched for the nearest exit to Canada, a steady stream of UK nationals are just as eager to move to the US to make up the numbers.

The company says that emigration to the States is up around 20% on last year – notwithstanding last year’s election. Managing Director Jim Limerick said: “More people googled ‘move to Canada’ following Donald Trump’s victory than ever before. But it’s not - and never has been - one way traffic. We haven’t seen any equivalent drop off in people looking to move there – in fact numbers are growing.”

Based in Avonmouth near Bristol, 1st Move International employs 30 people packing personal effects and household goods for people moving abroad with American-bound clients, making up a hefty 40% of the firm’s business. “There are still compelling reasons why people will continue moving to the United States no matter who has moved in to the White House,” said Jim.  “Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is third highest in the world behind Norway and Ireland but most of our clients are looking for the simple things - better weather, a better job and a fresh start.”  Jim also said that the USA has the lowest property price to income ratio, making US real estate much more affordable than that of the UK, which has one of the highest ratios.  

1st Move International’s figures were based on 11 separate sets of data including GDP per capita, income tax levels, average net incomes, real wages, education ranking, property price to income ratio, crime and unemployment levels, healthcare efficiency, food costs and familiarity with English. Jim concluded: “While most Americans ended up staying put despite their reservations over Donald Trump’s approach, UK families don’t seem to have changed their minds about heading west.”

Photo: Emigration from the UK to the US is up around 20% on last year.

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