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Malaysia – The Meaning of Escape


Malaysia is a fantastic land of dramatic contrasts. Steeped in cultural and ancient religions, it is also famous for having one of the most advanced and robust economies in Southeast Asia. Our well-travelled writer Ed Roberts opens the door to one of Southeast Asia’s most fantastic countries.


Profiles – Intermovers; Felix Relocations

Ed Roberts learns about positive challenges at Intermovers and finds out about 30 years of success for Felix Relocations in Malaysia.

Inside relocation

It was on the 3rd February that the famous Russell Hotel in London’s Bloomsbury played host to the 2014 Corporate Relocation Conference and Exhibition. Steve Jordan went along to find out what’s hot in the relo world.

Quality first

Steve Jordan visited Gary Fontana, Managing Director of Kent’s Fontana Moving: a company that places an emphasis on giving a quality service above all else.

The Enterprise Financial Guarantee scheme

Many removal companies have suffered over recent years due to the recession. A lot of companies have cut back and may now be considering additional borrowing to grow their business as the house market is picking up. One loan the banks push to help borrowers is the Enterprise Financial Guarantee Scheme (EFGs). Here, Mike Smith, Director of Jameson Smith & Co, provides some advice.

The European Connection - EU VAT: One Stop Shop solution on the horizon?

During my part-time contract to FEDEMAC, I was able to achieve numerous derogations, withdrawals and/or amendments of proposed EU legislation that otherwise would have been disastrous and costly for removers.

Genius at work

Steve Jordan went back to his Yorkshire roots to visit custom artist Andy Scott in Barnsley, the company responsible for much of the exotic artwork seen on vehicles brightening up the roads of Britain.

Malaysia – The Meaning of Escape

Malaysia is a fantastic land of dramatic contrasts. Steeped in cultural and ancient religions, it is also famous for having one of the most advanced and robust economies in Southeast Asia. Our well-travelled writer Ed Roberts opens the door to one of Southeast Asia’s most fantastic countries.



New regional director for Crown in the UK

Crown World Mobility has recently appointed Peter Sewell as the company’s new Regional Director.

David Woodhouse joins Broughton Removals

Broughton Removals Ltd (Edinburgh) is delighted to announce the appointment of David Woodhouse.

Jay Keen joins Suddath in Seattle

Suddath Relocation Systems has announced the appointment of Jay Keen as Vice President and General Manager of its branch in Seattle, Washington.

Europe cracks down on smuggling

Almost 45 million smuggled cigarettes, nearly 140,000 litres of diesel fuel and 14,000 litres of vodka were seized during a major Joint Customs Operation (JCO).

Scania's Young European Truck Driver 2014 competition

Are you an LGV C+E driver aged 35 or under? If so, Scania’s Young European Truck Driver 2014 competition is now open for entry.

Infrastructure developments in Romania, Russia and the Ukraine

The Romanian Road Authority is planning a multi billion euro scheme to build three new highways commencing in 2014.

The Self Storage Millionaires

A BBC report has highlighted the rise of the UK’s self storage business over the last thirty years and how many of its pioneers have become millionaires simply be selling empty space.

Motorists unhappy with pothole repairs: IAM

The government has got a long way to go to convince drivers that they have the pothole problem in control as 67% of motorists think that they are doing a bad or a very bad job of maintaining the nation’s roads, according to the latest research published by road safety charity, the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

New mobile app from Quartix

Quartix, the vehicle tracking company, has released a new mobile app which enables users to view the real-time location of their vehicles and access the core features of the system whilst on the move.

Mitch Little wins driver award at Williams

Mitch Little, a driver with Williams Moving International in Canada, has won the company’s Service Fleet Driver Quality Award for 2013.

EU transfer of vehicle rules negotiations suspended

The EU Presidency has suspended negotiations on simplifying the transfer of motor vehicles registered in another Member State within the Single Market following an assessment on the tax implications of the proposed change.

New president for Graebel’s mobility division

Graebel has appointed Debbie Maupin as the President of its global mobility division, Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc.


Sadly there were no winners of the competition last month. Nobody spotted Max Ajroldi from Franzosini in Italy swinging his golf club. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised as he's much more at home at the helm of a racing dinghy. This time it's really easy. The first to name both gentlemen will be the absolute winner this month and become the proud owner of a White & Company Red and Black watch.  Click here to submit your answer.

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Editor's Blog

  • It’s a dangerous world

    Apr 08, 2014

    Now I’m not a prude.  I like a laugh and a joke the same as anyone.  I have even been known to utter the occasional bad word, when in the company of good friends, just for emphasis you understand.  But it seems to me we have created a monster that we can’t control that has the ability to destroy our image, our business and much more unless we are very careful indeed.  It’s called social media.

    I don’t know why it should be but, when chatting to ‘friends’ on social media, we seem to forget that we are supposed to be respectable business people.  Skip onto any Facebook page, for example, and you will find otherwise relatively mild, reflective souls slipping into the kind of language you would normally find reserved for a dockyard or the back seat of the rugby coach – on the way home from the match.  

    The problem is that swearing is something that has its place.  It doesn’t usually go down well with grandmothers, mother-in-laws, immigration officers, policemen or anyone with whom you do business – unless you know them really well.  Unfortunately, social media is not quite that selective: everyone can see it and, for me, it’s a real turnoff.  When people swear on social media they go down at least a notch on my respect gauge.  I suspect others feel the same.  And it’s a shame, because those same people wouldn’t dream of lapsing into the vernacular in polite company.  They also have spent a great deal of time and money in building up their business persona only to have it knocked down again by a pointless rant that didn’t really do anyone any good.

    But it gets worse.  As I write we are on the cusp of the conference season.  Conferences are characterised by long nights in the bar and jolly behaviour. In the old days it was OK: people could be relied upon for their discretion, at least in the cold light of day.  But now, make a wrong move, get too close to someone attractive that you don’t know well, have a drink or two too many, and presto, the phone camera has captured the moment and someone who’s as drunk as you are has it on social media before the smell of the morning’s breakfasts has time to turn your stomach.

    The world’s a dangerous place.  Reputations built over decades can be scrapped in seconds.  You have been warned!

  • New associations must make money

    Mar 11, 2014

    I am really not sure what’s happening on the UK trade association scene right now.  I have just returned from a meeting at which yet another association was proposed: that would make five in the UK as far as I know and that doesn’t allow for the expanding list of forums and online groups that seem to be springing up like March daffodils.

    It wasn’t long ago that the UK had BAR and that was it.  Love it or loathe it you had Hobson’s choice but many good people dedicated much of their working lives, free, to working with BAR to improve the lot of its members and to represent the industry at large.  Many others seemed to dedicate their lives to criticising it, often without bothering to acquire the knowledge to understand its actions. 

    Today we have associations coming out of our ears and there may well be a need for them.  There are plenty of movers who do not qualify, or do not wish, to belong to BAR. They have their reasons.  Yet still they want a badge of some kind whether or not it serves any useful purpose or its customers have a clue what it stands for. “Just give me something to belong to,” I have heard people say.  It’s a primal human instinct.

    There’s another: they must help the member make money.  Yes it’s nice to be part of a family, but you also have to put bread on the table.  Every association has to question the value it provides to its members.  If there’s no value, there’s no future.

    The association has to make some money too otherwise why would the organisers bother to go to work each day?  And how much will their members allow them to earn before they begin to think that their motives have changed?  I don’t know but I’d like to bet that the two are significantly out of step.      

    BAR has been in operation for close to 115 years.  It has always been overseen, to some extent at least, by dedicated members who have worked their tails off for the benefit of the industry for free.  I don’t know if that is still true but I do know that any organisation that tries to occupy its space will need the backing of its members in equal measure.  I wish them success in filling whatever need exists, but let nobody think it will be easy.


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