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Business report IAM 2014

Steve Jordan attended the IAM conference in Orlando for The Mover. The opening presentation summarised new initiatives and events from the world’s largest moving organisation. Here are the highlights.


Moving for the ladies

What started as a social gathering on LinkedIn three years ago is developing into a tour de force for women working in the international moving industry. LIMA (Ladies in Moving), has the backing of IAM and has already recruited over 200 members worldwide. Steve Jordan offers a male view.

FEDESSA in Stockholm

On 1 October over 380 self storage owners, managers, investors and suppliers descended on Stockholm for the annual FEDESSA European Self Storage Conference and Trade Show. Report by Rennie Schafer, Chief Executive Officer of the Self Storage Association Ltd.

McCrorys wins case against NGRS

On 22 September, 2014, McCrorys Removals Ltd. of Nottingham won its case against the National Guild of Removers (NGRS) in the Milton Keynes County Court.

Direct Vision lorries would save hundreds of lives

A longer, more aerodynamic cab with better vision for lorry drivers could save the lives of hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians, according to a new study by academics at Loughborough University’s Design School.

The VV-Plane: Transport revolution?

On 26 September, 2014, The Mover was invited to witness the inaugural flight of a revolutionary new concept in long distance transport that could solve the problem of delivering household goods to remote locations: the VV-Plane. Here is Steve Jordan’s take on what could be the most dramatic shift in transport since the invention of the railways.

Reflections on IAM

There are plenty who will criticise IAM. Many of those criticisms are valid. But I will not be joining their number. On the contrary, I’m a fan. By Steve Jordan

Business report IAM 2014

Steve Jordan attended the IAM conference in Orlando for The Mover. The opening presentation summarised new initiatives and events from the world’s largest moving organisation. Here are the highlights.



Finnish Cargo Company first with LNG

Containership, a logistics company in Helsinki, has ordered four dual-fuel container ships making it the first short-sea container operator in Europe to run its ships on LNG (Liquefied Natural gas).

Pickfords Golf Day Raises over £7,000 for the NSPCC

Pickfords recently hosted dozens of clients, suppliers and partners at a corporate golf event and dinner, raising over £7000 for its partner charity, the NSPCC.

Henk International- first in Germany with OHSAS 18001

Henk in Düsseldorf, Germany, has become the first company in the country to achieve OHSAS 18001, the Standard for Occupational Health and Safety.

Box company helps young people find a home

A nationwide charity that provides support for homeless and vulnerable young people is offering moving companies the opportunity to buy competitively priced corrugated boxes and at the same time help people sleeping rough find a bed for the night.

New Director of Moving at Packimpex Ltd.

Damian Aebischer has accepted a new challenge in his career as the Director of Moving at Packimpex Ltd. This is in addition to his existing role as the company’s Director of Finance and Administration.

Recruiting Staff?

Red RecruitTime is Money - By Caroline Seear, Managing Director of Red Recruit.

Promotions for O’Neil software in Australia

O’Neil Software in the USA, a provider records management software, recently announced management level promotions in its Australasia organisation.

Laurie Devlin returns to Williams

On 18 August, Laurie Devlin returned to Williams Moving & Storage in Coquitlam (Vancouver) as a sales consultant having retired from the industry in 2013. 

Graebel wins Stevie

Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc. has earned the Gold Stevie® Award for Company of the Year - in Business Services for the 11th Annual International Business Awards (IBAs).

Caroline Mason marries

Caroline Mason, from John Mason in Liverpool, has married Michael Crew.

Flexible fleet replacement cycle tool

A new Smart Vehicle Replacement Tool designed to help fleets adopt flexible life cycles has been introduced by Chevin Fleet Solutions.


Congratulations to Peter Varall from Castles in Deal who correctly identified Colin Chapman last month.  It's actually the second time Peter has won the White and Company Red and Black watch, proving that it's still worthwhile having a go even if you are already a proud owner.  This time you have five people snapped at this year's IAM conference.  All have name badges but the gentleman second from the right has his beer glass in the way.  Can you put a name to the face? If you can you could be the proud winner of the White & Company Red and Black watch. Click here to submit your answer.

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Editor's Blog

  • Profit before pay

    Nov 10, 2014

    I keep hearing on the radio that commentators are surprised that the UK is enjoying good growth for the first time in years, but that wages are not yet rising.  That seems to me to be perfectly logical. 

    Of course, I didn’t go to college to learn economics so who am I to pontificate when the likes of Robert Peston are puzzled, but things seem to me to be following a perfectly natural course.

    We have all been treading water for a long time.  Many of our partners overseas are still finding things tough.  In the UK we are a long way from being out of the rough but at least it does seem as though we might at least be able to see the fairway if not quite reach it with a pitching wedge.  But when money is tight we all tighten our belts a little, we stop doing things, we ask the R&D department not to have any bright ideas not because we are in trouble but just because we are not certain what the future holds.

    When there is a glimmer of hope, however fleeting, we relax a little.  Rather than say no to everything, we start to think, well maybe we should.  Maybe we should let that old van go; maybe we should take on some part-time help; maybe we should spend a little more on advertising; or maybe we should update our website to something that works a bit harder for us.  What we don’t immediately think is maybe we should pay our staff more.

    Of course we should pay our staff more, just as soon as we possibly can because they are the people who have kept us going during the dark days. But as sensible business owners we all know that it is our primary duty to secure the future of the business for without that, everyone’s out of a job.  Employees who are business savvy, know that too.  They are prepared to wait.  Not for ever, but a while at least.

    The fact that the UK wage rates are not racing ahead I see as a testimony to the modern British mentality.  Unlike in the past, people now seem to understand that you can only get higher wages after you have earned higher profits – not before. With that comes a responsibility on behalf of the bosses: to respect that trust, and not exploit it.

  • Better together

    Oct 06, 2014

    I know almost nothing about politics and even less about economics but I am very pleased that our friends in Scotland decided last month to stay part of the United Kingdom.  In truth I never really thought they would leave but you can never be sure.  In the words of the Don McLean song Empty Chairs, ‘I never thought you’d leave, until you went.’

    I am not really sure why I am so relieved.  In part it is because I never thought Alex Salmond was for real, though I might be misjudging him.  It is also because, although I am ignorant of economics, I am not sure anyone else knows much more.  I am also aware that it’s very easy to be convinced by the one who shouts loudest, just because they are the voice you hear most clearly, without knowing for sure whether they know best. And, despite my lack of political nous, I do know a little about history which I always think is a valuable commodity during times of decision.  I know what used to happen when we were apart: we were scrapping all the time and I don’t believe it would be much better now, despite all our apparent sophistication. The weapons would be different, but the rest would be the same.  Suddenly the words of Flower of Scotland would take on a renewed poignancy.

    All of the above I believe to be true, but that’s not the reason I am pleased the Scots stayed.  I am pleased they stayed because people should be together.  People should cooperate, help each other, occupy the same space and rub along together.  If they have disputes they should sort them out.  There is enough unease and hatred in this world without generating more for ourselves.

    Maybe that’s also why movers flock to become part of trade associations. It’s just a natural need to belong.

    And talking of which, I understand that NGRS lost its case against McCrorys Removals Ltd. in the Milton Keynes Crown Court on 22 September.   The case related to McCrorys’ failure to abide by the contract terms relating to an NGRS trial offer in 2011 and its subsequent demand for over £14,000 in subscription fees.  Initial reports say that NGRS was denied its £22,000 costs, and its claim and ended up paying McCrorys £5,000. I’ll find out more and report next month.  Interesting times!


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