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EuRA convention in Porto

Over six hundred of the world’s finest mobility experts gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in the charming town of Porto in Portugal for the 2015 EuRA conference in April.


Louis Le Roux retires

Louis Le Roux is retiring. Steve Jordan caught up with him for a chat to find out why.

Phishing with supply chains

Typically, criminals will be searching for the easiest way into your data systems – but have you ever considered if the weak link lies within your supply chain? By James Moore, Senior Security Consultant for Phish’d at MWR InfoSecurity.

Globe moving: a brand not a logo

Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, India has a new identity. Steve Jordan caught up with its Director, Ajit Venkatesh, at the FIDI conference in Cape Town to find out more.

Becoming FIDI president

Rob Chipman is CEO of Asian Tigers in Hong Kong and, in April, became FIDI president. The day after his inauguration, Rob made time to talk to Steve Jordan about the presidency, its challenges and how he feels about leading the organisation.

EUROMOVERS in Barcelona

It was in the stunning Catalan capital city of Barcelona that EUROMOVERS International held its eleventh annual conference with the wacky street artists in Las Ramblas and the inspired Gaudi architecture as its backdrop.

UK clearance of European shipments in jeopardy

A recent notice issued by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) in the UK appears to suggest that moving companies may no longer be able to customs clear household goods through the UK, for delivery elsewhere in Europe.

EuRA convention in Porto

Over six hundred of the world’s finest mobility experts gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in the charming town of Porto in Portugal for the 2015 EuRA conference in April. It was an overload of information from the great and the good of the industry, all valuable but too much to comprehend at one sitting. For this reason The Mover will be including reports from EuRA in the next few issues: medicine a spoon at a time!



Boris announces Ultra Low Emission Zone for London

Following a public consultation, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has confirmed that an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be enforced in the Capital from 7 September 2020.

John Mason International appoints Simon Hood as new head of marketing

John Mason International is expanding its team by appointing Simon Hood as its new head of marketing.

VK Removals & Storage joins AIM

VK Removals & Storage Ltd in Cookstown, N. Ireland has joined the Alliance of Independent Movers, the first removals company in the Province to do so.

Maidmans’ new addition to the fleet

Maidmans has recently added a newly refurbished truck to its fleet; the new vehicle is an 18-tonne Scania, which can also carry five storage containers and benefits from having air ride suspension.

FORS reaches 100th new registration

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) has announced its 100th new registration since the scheme became self-funded on 17 February 2015 and was established as a national scheme in March.

Mover Steve runs marathon to help Fight for Sight

Steve Fanning, a removals specialist at A-Staff Solution Ltd ditched boxes for running shoes on 26 April to compete in the Virgin London Marathon.

DVLA’s new driving licence checking system inadequate

The new driving licence checking system - to be introduced by the DVLA this summer - will not meet businesses’ needs according to the Freight Transport Association.

Graebel’s Big Idea

Graebel Relocation recently sponsored the Big Idea Project, a fundraiser that helps young people who have helped the Denver metropolitan area communities, and the nation.

Global Mobility and Expat Marriage

The first Forum for Expatriate Management of 2015 (organised by UniGroup Relocation Singapore) took on a very personal tone as Dr Yvonne McNulty from Expatresearch led a discussion on the effects of global mobility on expatriates and their families.

MöLo 2015: where moving and logistics come together

The German Association of Movers and Logistics (AMÖ) will, once again, be sponsoring the MöLo trade fair in Kassel Germany. MöLo will be held from 18-20 June and will include the AMÖ general assembly.

Knightmovers photobombed by Pickfords

When North Wales removals company Knightmovers set up its camera at the Menai Bridge to get a shot of its new Scania truck, it didn’t expect to be photobombed by one of the UK’s best known removals brands.


Well done Andy Neall, Vice President of Global Moving Services Support at TheMIGroup for correctly spotting a very youthful Charles Luyckx (pronouced 'Lakes') from Elliott Mobilty last month.  We didn't have many correct answers so it was obviously a tricky one.  This time it's easier: there are two captains of the moving industry to choose from.  Name either one to be in the running for a White and Company Red and Black watch: if you can name them both you stand an even better chance.  Answers please to

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Editor's Blog

  • The compliance conundrum

    Jun 15, 2015
    Some of you may have noticed that there have been a few international conferences going on in recent months.  The Mover has covered (almost) all of them.  At most of them there has been a recurring theme: compliance.  Now I can feel you all yawning at this point.  The very word is soporific.  But if you are not already affected by compliance it's because you don't do any corporate work or, if you do, your customers haven't woken up yet.  Be assured: they will.  If you get left behind, you'll be putting up the 'To Let' sign before you can say 'receivers'.

    The problem can be left firmly at the door of the media.  By that I mean all media especially online stuff such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the more traditional newspapers and TV news.  Today we live in a world in which there is no hiding place and the bigger you are, the bigger target you make.  Our world is also more brand oriented than ever before too. Large global brands live in fear of a bad news story, a product recall or, in our industry's case, a corruption charge.  Imagine the field day the media would have with a large household name brand being found guilty of bribery.  They would be all over the company like measles and the affect would be catastrophic.

    So, the big companies don't do it.  They abide by the international regulations (and the UK's are the strictest in the world) and will not do anything that might put them in the firing line.  They also make sure that their entire supply chain does the same: which includes you.  If you don't, you're gone.  And we are not talking about FIFA scale stuff here.  Just paying a few quid to get a shipment cleared faster or to 'help' with a visa application is enough.  Not only do they expect suppliers to abide by the rules, they want you to be able to prove it too.  Very tricky.  And it's no use saying "that's the way we do business here" if you happen to be working in a corrupt country.  It won't wash.

    Compliance is a word you will begin to hear more often and read more about in these pages.  For some companies it already occupies their every business moment.  If you haven't already done so, it might be worthwhile deciding how you are going to deal with it.

  • Keeping it in the Family

    May 18, 2015

    It’s that time of year again: conference season.  My feet have hardly touched solid land since the end of March and I write this from my last assignment in Porto at the EuRA conference (see next month).  It is a great privilege of being involved in this remarkable industry that we get the opportunity to travel so widely and experience other cultures.  I am grateful for all the organisations who are kind enough to invite The Mover to be part of their annual celebrations.

    Every conference I go to around the world is different.  Each has a different character despite often involving many of the same people.  Each reflects the brand of the organisation.  But there is always a recurring theme: family.  Every organisation talks about its members being part of a ‘family’.  I think they are right.

    Wherever I go there is a family feel to the event.  There are matriarchs, patriarchs and young upstarts.  Just as in a family people work and play together.  They share each other’s triumphs and disasters and are sometimes the instigators of them.  Sometimes they fall out, but usually time heals most wounds.  New people join the family and are welcomed.  Some leave and are genuinely missed.  Some die and are mourned.

    There are many families: FIDI, OMNI, EUROMOVERS, etc.  Each interacts with other families.  They too have their differences but generally they rub along avoiding the outbreak of real hostility.  For the last 20 years or so I have worked in many industries.  Nothing is like the moving business in this respect.  It is unique.  We should all appreciate the extraordinary business we are in.        

    However most people in the mobility industry choose not to attend conferences.  I really don’t get it.  Why would you not want to meet people who do the same job as you; people from whom you might learn and people with whom you can do business?  Working in a bubble, as many do, seems in this industry to be contra-intuitive. It was never designed that way.  I urge all those who have never attended an industry conference to open their minds and take the plunge.  Don’t be a hermit.  Join the family.

    Talking about families, I would like to publicly congratulate Ian Studd on his appointment as the new Director General of BAR.  Ian is a very good man, perfect for the job in my opinion.  I am sure he will be great for the Association and its members. 


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