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Learning the ropes in Prague

Ewen Extier is the Branch Manager for AGS Movers in Prague. He’s new to the industry so Steve Jordan caught up with him to talk about his first impressions of this unique business.


Grospiron International - 25 Years of Success

The Grospiron story began in 1840s Paris when Edouard Grospiron started a local delivery service using horse-drawn vehicles. During the next 150 years Grospiron remained a well know name in the city’s
removals industry, changing hands many times during its long history.

The five driving forces behind driverless trucks

The introduction of driverless vehicles may be nothing more than science fiction in some people’s minds, but the reality is technology giants across the globe, such as Google, are investing heavily in developing the concept which shows it is closer to reality than people think. By Richard Newbold.

A moving experience on Everest

Andrew Elliman, Group Sales Director at AGS 360 Relocations, is no stranger to adventure, from climbing in the Himalayas to trekking across Iceland, Andrew has done it all. But in April 2015 while attempting to break a Guinness World Record on Everest, Andrew was to face his greatest challenge, a challenge that almost cost him his life.

Cart Marking at Guildhall

Readers from overseas (and some from the UK) may well wonder what on earth this article is about. Cart marking in London? What’s that got to do with the moving industry? Well, nothing – and everything. Steve Jordan explains.

EU Data Protection Regulation – what and when to expect

Tony Richman's topical column this month is about what to expect from the new EU data protection regulation

Learning the ropes in Prague

Ewen Extier is the Branch Manager for AGS Movers in Prague. He’s new to the industry so Steve Jordan caught up with him to talk about his first impressions of this unique business.



Emma stands up to the Dragons

Emma Langman from Van Girls, featured in The Mover in August 2014, recently appeared on the BBC programme Dragons’ Den.

Introduction of the new Belgian toll system

Belgium is to introduce a satellite-based toll system on 1 April, 2016.

British truckers sold CO2 monitors to detect migrants

A carbon dioxide detector that alerts drivers to immigrants hiding in their trucks went on sale in Britain in July aimed at transport companies concerned by a surge in attempted Channel crossings

London’s Safer Lorry Scheme Begins

Today (1 September 2015) sees the start of the new Safer Lorry Scheme in London - and the Freight Transport Association is warning operators to make sure their vehicles comply or risk being fined.

Crown launches office design and fit-out business

Crown Worldwide has launched a new business - Crown Workplace Relocations - to help businesses relocating or refurbishing offices create a more modern and efficient work environment.

Gerson Relocation Ltd signs timber recycling agreement

Gerson Relocation Ltd has signed an agreement with Woods Forever for all its timber recycling needs.

Franklin College supports logistics careers initiative

Raising awareness of a career in logistics among school leavers is the focus of a nationwide strategy.

Venezuela closes border with Colombia Venezuela closes border with Colombia

Juerg Degenmann from Global Mundazas Internacionales in Venezuela has advised that as a result of the continuing unrest in the country, the Venezuelan government has closed its border with Colombia. He said that the situation is very tense and he has no official knowledge on when it will reopen.

Unique vehicle mover reduces physical strain on staff

Stringo S3, the latest generation of vehicle mover, has been developed to focus on the operator and the handling technique. This means improved ergonomics and greater safety for both the operator and the vehicle.

Report suggests Global Mobility departments are being squeezed

Many HR departments and in-house Global Mobility functions are caught between a surging demand for increasingly diverse assignments and business pressures on costs and resources.


Last month was obviously too easy again with a number of you spotting Allen Fan and Frank McCluskey smiling from our pages. But it was Ray Beard from Nuss Relocations in Australia who was first out of the hat. Well done Ray. This time it's harder. Many of you will remember the gentleman on the left, but who's his distinguished friend. Both names please for the best chance of winning the coveted White and Company Red & Black Watch. Answers please to:

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Ear defenders not supplied

There is a rumour going around that I will be providing the musical entertainment at the Mover & Storers Show this month.  At this stage in the proceedings it would be rash of me to confirm or deny such chatter.  However, what I will say is that anyone attending the event will be in for a treat – or perhaps that’s a shock.

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EU Data Protection Regulation – what and when to expect

The European Commission plans to unify data protection within the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR will supersede existing 1990s regulations, prompting fundamental changes to how organisations must process personal data. A final version should be agreed by the end of 2015.

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