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OMNI in Zambia

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) held its annual conference at the end of March, this time at the stunningly beautiful Victoria Falls in Zambia. Despite OMNI’s reputation for holding extraordinary conferences for its members, many of the delegates agreed that 2015 could well have been the best in the organisation’s 30-year history.


The European Union at work: is it transparent?

With the UK General Election in May, deliberations over EU membership continue to be an important discussion issue. Tony Richman shares his thoughts on the European Union based on his many years of lobbying activities.

Tribute to a friend

Edward Kenneth Philp (Ted) died peacefully at home on 17 March, 2015 just a few weeks after his wife, Doreen, had also passed away. Ted was 89 years old. He and Doreen had been married for over 61 years.


Blurred lines

After 50 years in the moving business, Crown Relocations in the UK is blurring the lines between corporate and migrant service. Steve Jordan talked to John Morris to find out how.

Moveware: suits you Sir!

It wasn’t many years ago that computerised management systems for removals companies was considered to be unachievable. There are just too many variables: customers, destinations, types of job, materials, staff. Today, however, there are lots of systems out there all, to a greater or lesser degree, have mastered the problem. The choice of system is largely down to price, usability and what the system will do.

Block and Marine insurance … are you really covered?

All removal companies need to have adequate insurance to protect themselves and their customers if the unthinkable happens. But how can you be sure insurance for your customers’ goods in storage and transit, will pay out if disaster strikes? Dan Reynolds of Reason Global explains how they make sure you have the right cover in place.

FIDI Cape Town: A report on the FIDI conference, by Steve Jordan

The FIDI conference is the biggest single gathering of the moving industry in the world, except IAM. It’s a maelstrom of over 500 people, a logistical nightmare, a commercial cauldron. What is amazing, is that the show ever gets on the road at all. But it does, and its success is a testimony to the dedication of the team at FIDI who work very hard all year to make it that way.

The speakers at the FIDI Conference 2015 and Reason Global sponsors the FIDI fun run

Tom Ansley - Down memory lane; Guy Lundy - Africa rising; Rev Mpho Tutu - Small things can change the world; Reason Global sponsors the FIDI fun run.

OMNI in Zambia

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) held its annual conference at the end of March, this time at the stunningly beautiful Victoria Falls in Zambia. Despite OMNI’s reputation for holding extraordinary conferences for its members, many of the delegates agreed that 2015 could well have been the best in the organisation’s 30-year history.



Reason Global provides statistics to FIDI for EIM

Reason Global Insurance has provided the FIDI Academy with a range of up to date statistics to help students studying the insurance module of the Essentials in International Moving (EIM) qualification.

Acas Code and Guidance revised

Parliament has approved amendments to the new Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures that came into force on 11 March, 2015.

Commercial drivers under pressure to ease accident delays

Road traffic collisions delay just under half of commercial vehicle drivers at least once every month, with many drivers feeling under pressure to make up the time, according to a survey.

Harsch acquires Schneider

Harsch, The Art of Moving has announced that it has acquired Schneider, Moving Excellence based in Aargau, Switzerland.

UK National Minimum Wage to increase in October

From Thursday, 1 October 2015 the adult rate of the UK National Minimum Wage (NMW) will rise by 20p from £6.50 to £6.70 per hour, as recommended by the Low Pay Commission (LPC) in March 2015.

Pound Gates helps raise funds for future sports stars

Insurance broker Pound Gates have joined forces with six other local businesses to establish the Ipswich Sporting Lunch Club.

FTA Van Excellence Driver of the Year 2015 – open to enter

Entries are now being accepted for the 2015 FTA Van Excellence Driver of the Year competition sponsored by Leaseplan to be held on Thursday 16 July at Mercedes -Benz, Wentworth Park, Barnsley.

Darren French joins The EuroGroup

International moving specialist The EuroGroup has appointed Darren French as its business development manager for the United Kingdom.

Debbie Milakis takes over pricing and procurement at Suddath

Suddath International has announced the appointment of Debbie Milakis to senior director of pricing and procurement.

Ben Ivory honoured at Worldwide ERC

Benjamin Ivory, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Graebel Relocation EMEA, has been awarded the 2015 EMEA Region Meritorious Service Award at the Global Workforce Summit.

Lisa and Emily move with AIReS

Lisa Bailey, CRP and Emily Ptak have accepted new roles at AIReS’ West Coast Regional Office in Huntington Beach, CA, having previously spent years working with corporate clients and transferees at AIReS’ Central Regional Office in Pittsburgh, PA.

New powers to tackle drug driving

A new law to make it easier for police to catch and convict drug drivers took effect on 2 March, 2015, in England and Wales.

Business development for Crown Records Management

Crown Records Management has appointed Graeme Austin as its new business development manager.

Steve Webber takes the helm at Maidmans

Maidmans is delighted to announce the promotion of Steve Webber to the position of director at Maidmans Moving and Storage Ltd.


Congratulations to Albert Perianayagan from Felix Relocations in Singapore for correctly spotting Bill Cain from Santa Fe last month.  He looked so young in the photo but Bill was also looking sprightly at FIDI in Cape Town a few weeks ago.  This month the photo looks even older, but who is the young gentleman?  The first correct answer out of the hat will receive the coveted White and Company Red and Black Watch. E-mail you answer to

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Editor's Blog

  • Keeping it in the Family

    May 18, 2015

    It’s that time of year again: conference season.  My feet have hardly touched solid land since the end of March and I write this from my last assignment in Porto at the EuRA conference (see next month).  It is a great privilege of being involved in this remarkable industry that we get the opportunity to travel so widely and experience other cultures.  I am grateful for all the organisations who are kind enough to invite The Mover to be part of their annual celebrations.

    Every conference I go to around the world is different.  Each has a different character despite often involving many of the same people.  Each reflects the brand of the organisation.  But there is always a recurring theme: family.  Every organisation talks about its members being part of a ‘family’.  I think they are right.

    Wherever I go there is a family feel to the event.  There are matriarchs, patriarchs and young upstarts.  Just as in a family people work and play together.  They share each other’s triumphs and disasters and are sometimes the instigators of them.  Sometimes they fall out, but usually time heals most wounds.  New people join the family and are welcomed.  Some leave and are genuinely missed.  Some die and are mourned.

    There are many families: FIDI, OMNI, EUROMOVERS, etc.  Each interacts with other families.  They too have their differences but generally they rub along avoiding the outbreak of real hostility.  For the last 20 years or so I have worked in many industries.  Nothing is like the moving business in this respect.  It is unique.  We should all appreciate the extraordinary business we are in.        

    However most people in the mobility industry choose not to attend conferences.  I really don’t get it.  Why would you not want to meet people who do the same job as you; people from whom you might learn and people with whom you can do business?  Working in a bubble, as many do, seems in this industry to be contra-intuitive. It was never designed that way.  I urge all those who have never attended an industry conference to open their minds and take the plunge.  Don’t be a hermit.  Join the family.

    Talking about families, I would like to publicly congratulate Ian Studd on his appointment as the new Director General of BAR.  Ian is a very good man, perfect for the job in my opinion.  I am sure he will be great for the Association and its members. 

  • Sad losses

    Apr 16, 2015

    I usually try to keep this column fairly up-beat but it’s not easy this month having just heard of the death of Roy Church, who we featured in our December issue; and dear Ted Philp, only a few months after he lost his wife, Doreen.  The UK moving industry has been blessed by these two statesmen, and we should all feel privileged to have known then and be thankful for all they did: but it’s hard to see them go. Their obituaries will be in the May issue.

    I didn’t really know Roy, but I visited him at his home in St. Ives just before Christmas to conduct the interview.  He immediately made me feel at home and treated me as if we had been friends for ever.  Indeed, via some of our joint friends, I suppose we had.  He was very ill, but never complained and was as jolly and sharp as I am sure he had always been.  He insisted on paying for lunch in the local pub.  A few days later I received a card, which still sits on my office window ledge.  It is hand made and features a picture of spring flowers from Roy’s garden. It said how much he had enjoyed the visit and invited me to drop in any time I was in the area.  I never got the chance.

    Ted, I knew much better.  I had worked with him for many years, most closely when we were both part of the BAR’s freight negotiation team, the forerunner of the MTC.  He was gentle, diligent, courteous, hard when he had to be, and a mine of knowledge that the industry has now lost forever. He had a profound influence on me.  In the 1980s, I made my inaugural speech at a BAR conference.  I was probably voicing my naïve opinion about shipping. As I stepped down from the stage, Ted walked towards me. I was convinced I was going to be slapped down for my youthful insolence.  Instead he shook my hand and asked my advice.  Extraordinary!  Despite being the undisputed king of shipping in the UK that time he still had the wisdom to know that he might be able to learn something, even from me, and had the grace to make me feel good after a terrifying public speaking ordeal. 

    That helped me realise the power of public performance. Stand on a stage and you become the industry expert.  I have enthusiastically encouraged others to do the same ever since.  Thanks Ted.


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