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Britannia at thirty

Jul 05, 2011
Britiannia Movers International now has over 40 UK offices and five locations, and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary.

One of the biggest names in the moving industry, Britannia International Movers, turned 30 this year.

Britannia has sprung from relatively humble beginnings to become one of the largest moving groups in Europe. The company will be having a year of celebration to mark the anniversary and to bring together the global family of Britannia.

Britannia was born as a response to the increase in shipping traffic to the principle Commonwealth countries in the 1970s. It gave the smaller, family owned companies the opportunity to compete with the established international movers.

Britannia began in 1981 with a small cooperative group of 14 companies. The minutes of the first official meeting show that items such as inland and destination rates, advertising strategies and expansion were discussed. The name of the group was also discussed with titles such as Seahorse considered before the full name of Britannia Movers International was settled upon.

Since those beginnings in 1981, Britannia has expanded rapidly and evolved into what it has become today; a large network of well run member companies all connected to the Britannia philosophy of togetherness, family and a commitment to professional service. John Court, one of Britannia’s founders said, “From the outset Britannia membership demanded complete and absolute trust and loyalty. It is that spirit which has seen this unique group through to its 30th birthday celebrations as a Britannia at thirty.  One of the biggest names in the moving industry, Britannia Movers International, turned 30 this year. multi-million-pound, internationally recognised market leader with worldwide representation.”

Britannia Movers International now has over 40 UK offices and five overseas locations. The basic foundation of the organisation has remained the same with the network pivoting around a central office that co-ordinates work, partnerships, purchasing and corporate contracts. While international shipping continues to be the lifeblood of the company, Britannia has diversified into other spheres and built up strong reputations in commercial and corporate moving as well as a wide range of different storage services. Britannia has also opened its doors to trade operations and continues to forge strong partnerships with fellow organisations within the moving industry both at home and abroad.

During the course of this year Britannia has organised various opportunities to celebrate this milestone. The annual conference in June will allow faces from Britannia’s past and present and its wider family of overseas agents to get together and toast to a bright future. Britannia will also be involved in various sporting and charity events including the latest instalment of the overseas marathons, this year in Amsterdam.

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