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Oct 04, 2018

We have an unusual front cover this month, it’s sporting a removals van.  Well, four of them actually.  That’s very rare for us. Regular readers and advertisers will know that you can’t buy the front cover of The Mover, no way.  It’s not for sale. The way to get top billing is to send in the best photo.  Simple really.  Well done Matt.

As I write this I am mentally packing my back for the trip to Washington, DC to attend the PAIMA and IAM conferences.  It’s really a highlight of the year with so many friends in one place and buckets full of business to do for everyone.  Quite exciting.  I look forward to waving at you across the foyer of the hotel and maybe grabbing the occasional Blue Moon at the bar. If you have a story to tell, be sure to catch my eye.

I am delighted to include within these pages an interview with Terry Head as he prepares to step down from his job as the president of IAM after very many years. It would be hard to think of anyone in the industry who has been more influential over such a long time as Terry.  It’s been great working with him and I wish him every success in whatever comes next. It will also be nice to get to know Charles White a little better too as he takes over the presidency.  I’m hoping to have an interview with him in our December issue.

Last month I told you about our new, whizzy, online platform for The Mover.  I hope you have all had a chance to play with it and will grow to love it.  Please let other people in your organisation know about it so they too can join our readership, especially if you usually read the hard copy: no need to keep it all to yourself. To be added to our monthly distribution, just ask.

This month we have launched our Android app.  Just go to the Google Play Store and search for The Mover.  It’s free to download and dead easy to use.  Now you can read The Mover any time anywhere.  The iOS version will be launched just as soon as we fight our way through all the obstacles Apple put in the way.  I’ll let you know when we’ve done it.

Finally, please read the story from JP Meiring on pages 20 and 21.  I’ll say no more – just read it.

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