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Rogue Terracotta Warriors Invade Hong Kong

Oct 09, 2012
By Rob Chipman, Chief Executive Officer, Asian Tigers Mobility, Hong Kong.

If you have ever visited China, the chances are you made a pilgrimage to see the Great Wall.  It is a true wonder of the ancient world.

However, if you are a real adventurer with the zest to get off the beaten track, then you may have visited Xian for a firsthand view of the Terracotta Army - a vast collection of sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China (259-210 BC).

First uncovered by chance in 1974 by a group of local farmers, these magnificent pieces date back some 2,000 years, around the time of the construction of the Great Wall.  Since their discovery, non-stop archeological digs have unearthed more than 8,000 figures in total, plus 130 chariots, 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses.  The digging goes on, and more warriors are being found every year.

You can imagine how highly valued these national treasurers are, so when the Chinese Government decided to send a set of the precious warriors to Hong Kong in commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of the establishment of the Special Administrative Region (a.k.a. Hong Kong) they had to identify a true logistics expert.

It was not a small responsibility to handle such extraordinarily fragile and irreplaceable pieces of Chinese history - so when we were given the nod to handle the Hong Kong side of things, we were deeply honored.  And a bit nervous!

For months the delicate and complicated mission was planned out in Beijing. The warriors were exquisitely wrapped, packed and crated for its special air cargo flight from China.  Arriving in the middle of the night so as to avoid traffic and afford the highest possible degree of security, all had proceeded as planned to that point.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, our anxious Asian Tigers Mobility crew was on hand to receive the precious cargo.  Once loaded in our newest air-conditioned, air-ride van, they were then transported, under police escort, to the Museum of History where they arrived in flawless condition. 

The Warriors are part of a more extensive exhibit open to the general public until November 26, 2012. We will then be once again called to give these 2,000 year old artifacts the kind of first-class treatment that our customers have come to expect! 

Top and main picture: on display at the Museum of History in Hong Kong; transported in air conditioned, air ride vans with police escort ensured the 2, 000 year old warriors arrived in flawless condition.

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