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Moving the Mover

Aug 13, 2013
The Mover magazine’s Nikki Gee moved house recently. On this occasion she chose to use a removal company as opposed to braving the ad hoc route of hiring a van, a willing pal and a heap of potential bother. We spoke to her about whether or not the famous myth ‘Moving house is as stressful as getting married’ came to pass.


Nikki had decided to downsize from a three-bedroom to a two-bedroom property.  She also wanted to find somewhere closer to The Mover magazine’s offices.  On finding somewhere suitable in Wavendon Gate, which is at the eastern end of Milton Keynes, Nikki set about arranging her move.


Step forward Matthew James Removals and Storage from Erith in Kent.  They were selected because they are one of The Mover magazine’s best customers. (They are also a  member of the BAR.) Having advertised in the publication since day one, she also thought it would be nice to give them some support back.


Nikki was pleased to report that her first moving experience was a very positive one. “I had never used a removal company before, and as a result of this move, I wouldn’t consider going without one ever again. The removal men showed up promptly, looking very smart in their uniforms and lorry. They went about their work in expert fashion making everything look so easy.”


Described as well prepared, helpful and very friendly, the driver Lee Cousins and porter, Leon Barratt encouraged Nikki to sit back and relax.  Clearly experts in removals they explained that the hard work was their job and to leave everything to them. “All I had to do was put my feet up or share out the tea and biscuits,” added Nikki.


Lee and Leon both proved to be a credit to their trade by applying their knowledge and uncanny foresight at any chance they could. For instance, Nikki remembers how they approached her huge kitchen table. “They took one look at it and just knew that it wouldn’t fit through the door. So rather than wasting their time trying to wiggle it through a narrow door space, they took the time to unscrew the legs and later put them back in place when we arrived at the new house.  They also gave me a few handy tips that have turned out to be very useful. It was also impressive how they managed to fit all of my things into the back of their lorry. I bet they are experts at the game Tetristm.”


So going back to that famous myth, Nikki is firm in the belief that there’s no basis for truth in it. “The only stressful part is the actual packing, which I chose to do by myself. But the move itself turned out to be excellent, in fact it was the least stressful part of all. So in the end, that silly myth turned out to be a load of old rubbish.”


So we can take heart in the fact that there are great removal companies that go above and beyond the expected and don’t hesitate in excelling themselves. Nikki sums up her move, “Without hesitation, I would recommend Matthew James Removals and Storage for a really friendly, helpful and straightforward service.  I will also add that every single one of my belongings arrived in the same condition they left the old house in. Not a single thing got broken in the move, so that’s another cliché dispelled.”



Photos: Nikki Gee, Leon Barratt, Lee Cousins

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