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Recruitment agencies, do they make sense?

Aug 15, 2013
There are lots and lots of recruitment agencies, in the UK alone there are over 135,000. But what’s the point of using an agency when you can simply advertise for the people you need and do the whole thing yourself? Ray Inskip, managing director of Flame Recruit, explains some of the reasons why using an agency – for both the employer and employee - makes sense.

A lot of people have asked me why they should use a recruitment company to get new employees when they can find them themselves simply by advertising in the press. I think this is a good point and it also raises the question of why a candidate should use a recruitment company rather than just look out for a suitable vacancy.


Let’s start by looking at it from the candidate’s point of view. I’ve worked in the removals sector for the last five years and I have found the industry to be what I would call ‘incestuous’ in other words, everybody seems to know everybody else, so it’s easy to get found out if you start looking around for a job. One advantage of using a recruitment company is the confidential nature of the service. For example, when I present a candidate’s CV to a client, I take off all the personal details and current/previous employers so they cannot be identified. Also a recruitment agency should have lots of contacts in the industry and will be aware of who’s looking for staff. Another benefit is the agency can speak to a potential employer during the day to arrange interviews, etc. so the candidate doesn’t have to try and make surreptitious calls when they are supposed to be working.


A good recruiter will know a lot about the company they are sending the candidate to and will be able to brief them before an interview. This will help them prepare and increase their chances of success.  


After an interview a recruiter will obtain feedback from the company and advise the candidate of the outcome. Often people are left up in the air, or just emailed to say they were unsuccessful without being told why.

Finally, a recruiter will be able to help the successful candidate negotiate the best remuneration package; often people are a little intimidated when it comes to salary offers.


So what’s in it for the employer?


By using a recruitment agency rather than going it alone you will only receive candidates that can actually do the job. Advertising the position in the press and then having to sort through what could be hundreds of applications yourself is very time consuming and may result in good candidates being overlooked. Add to that the time it takes to contact candidates and arrange interviews and the whole recruitment process could take weeks.


A recruiter who specialises in your industry will have potential candidates already registered on their books that can fulfill the role you are looking for, so the whole process can be completed in a fraction of the time. They will also know the ‘going rate’ for the job and be able to advise you on the right level of salary and benefits to offer.


As every employer knows, sometimes things don’t work out as planned and a new employee has to be ‘let go’ after a few weeks. If you’ve recruited the person independently all the money you spent on advertising, etc. will be lost, but a good recruitment company will have a rebate system so you can recoup some of your costs.  Not all recruitment companies are the same so it’s worth enquiring about their rebate policy, not just their fee, before you engage them.


Recruitment agencies have a knack of being able to find candidates that are not on the open market – especially with more senior positions. Often ambitious executives will register with an agency to help them plan the next step on their career path and match their skills and experience with the right company. This really can bring the best people for your business.


So, the next time you’re looking for a new employee, of even looking to move on yourself perhaps you should consider giving a recruitment agency a try. Don’t forget, if they don’t find the job or the candidate you want, there’s no charge!

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