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Unlock the Potential that Exists within your Team and Business

Feb 12, 2014
On Tuesday 25 February, at 3pm, an online webinar, hosted jointly by Jane Finch of Moving etc... Network and Michelle Clarke, a former Head of Leadership Development for Retail at Marks & Spencer PLC, will explain Talent Dynamics - a technique for unlocking the full potential of your team, your business and yourself.


As you may know, psychometric profiling has been used for well over 50 years to figure out who’s the best person for a new job, how the criminal mind works, or how entrepreneurial teams fit together to produce the most profitable results.


Now more popular than ever before within organisations who want to employ the right recruit, become more efficient and cut costs whilst growing their profits, psychometric tests are a proven method used by both big and small business owners who want to make sure their companies succeed and excel over their main competitors.


Psychometric testing has steadily increased over the last 10 – 20 years in popularity and Jane Finch at the Moving etc... Network thinks it’s about time that we better understand ourselves and our colleagues, and see if profile testing will really make a difference to removers.


Working with Michelle Clarke, a former Head of Leadership Development for Retail at Marks & Spencer PLC, Jane would like to introduce you to Talent Dynamics and show you how by taking a simple test you can dramatically increase your clarity and understanding of yourself and those around you. The Talent Dynamics profile test is just the first step of their powerful business development pathway, which enables rapid results through creating trust and flow at all levels of organisations.


Have you ever wondered why someone in your team did something or reacted in a certain way? Do you understand why you think the way you do and why they think the way they do? Is your staff engagement low, do you have a high turnover of staff? Is your company successful at making money? Or are you frustrated that it just isn’t working out no matter how hard you try? Do you wonder why some movers in the industry are better than others or why you’re more successful than they are? How often do you go out of your comfort zone? And how quickly do you go back and work at what you know best or what “feels” more natural?


Every industry has its tools of the trade, its systems and processes, and its people. Without a strong team working together to achieve a common goal a business will very often fail, or not achieve its full potential and grow successfully. Finding the right balance and mix of talent is therefore critical to making your business run smoothly, efficiently and profitably. Get the balance wrong and things start to unravel and fall apart, and mistakes invariably happen. Customers and employees get upset or frustrated, and the company experiences problems. Both operationally and sales or performance related.


Getting better tools, giving better customer service, raising your prices, cutting your costs or fixing the system isn’t always the answer. Most critically, you need to understand how all of your individual team personalities, characteristics and personal strategies for success work well, or not so well, together. Only then, can you identify what or more accurately who is missing from your team, or who is in the wrong job.


Teams and companies with the most success, somehow magically seem to flow organically, make more sales, achieve better results and consistently exceed  customers' expectations.

Unlocking the full potential that exists within your team and business is therefore the key to success.


Michelle Clarke started Talent Dynamics in 2009 and in less than 5 years Michelle has grown Talent Dynamics to operate in 19 countries. Michelle claims that Talent Dynamics is the quickest and easiest way to get a team into and staying in Flow! She says that it helps you to understand how to get yourself and others into Flow and provides clear strategies and actions for teams to take based on their profile, to achieve a desired result.


Talent Dynamics isn’t about what you know as a remover, or improving how skilled you are at the job you’re trained for. It’s about understanding who you are as a person and recognising your inner thoughts and strategies with clear vision, so you can easily see the steps you need to take to move forward successfully and flow with your team, therefore avoiding the ones that don’t or won't work for you and work against your team.


When you nurture the talent that you have, and allow it to shine brightly, value is created and that value can then be leveraged to create more value, which then creates attraction. Once you have attraction, everything starts to flow towards you: money, customers, employees, suppliers, opportunity, trust, reputation and wealth.


Michelle is committed to providing businesses with the opportunity to transform performance through experiencing the benefits of trust and flow. Michelle and Jane invite you to attend an introduction to Talent Dynamics. This is an interactive session from which you will get great value on a personal level and also an insight into how powerful getting your colleagues into flow will be.


Talent Dynamics webinar: Tuesday 25 February at 3pm (UK time).

To find out the full details and book your place on the webinar go to and click on the Talent Dynamics button on the home page.

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