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Profiles – Intermovers; Felix Relocations

Apr 10, 2014
Ed Roberts learns about positive challenges at Intermovers and finds out about 30 years of success for Felix Relocations in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s newest arrival – Intermovers’ Julien Wilkinson

British ex-patriate Julien Wilkinson swapped the rolling Cotswolds for the steamy
climes of Malaysia when he joined Intermovers recently. Ed Roberts learns about the positive challenges such a move has brought about for him and his new employers.

Julien Wilkinson brings 25 years of experience in the removals and relocations business to his new post as ‘international sales specialist’ for Intermovers. Now based in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the new move continues to be an exciting challenge for him. He feels that his extensive knowledge of the moving industry means he’ll be more than equipped to address anything that comes his way despite the change.

Julien has an enviable perspective on the challenges that face new arrivals because he understands the mechanics of an international move. The move itself from the UK was a huge task because he also moved his family and brought along a lifetimes’ worth of belongings. For them, Malaysia is a totally new country that has its own largely unfamiliar processes and bureaucracies. Culture shock receded quickly though.  To help him and his family along he sought help from a relocation service to arrange the finer points of the move. “I know that finding suitable accommodation and getting settled in isn’t always easy but we were helped by Intermovers’ sister company DSP Relocations Asia-Malaysia,” he said.


Intermovers are very well situated to help the ever-growing ex-patriate marketplace, especially since the ‘Malaysia – My Second Home’ visa has become more popular. It has offices all over Malaysia including: KL; Johor; Penang; Sarawak; Sabah; and Brunei. Julien recognises that Malaysia is multi-cultural and this is reflected in the diverse international make-up of staff that he works with at Intermovers. Since the firm was founded in 1996, it has employed people from the UK, India, China, France as well as Malaysia. English is widely spoken alongside Malay and Chinese across the country. This makes business communication easier for Julien. “The Company’s philosophy is to combine the traditions of good old fashioned customer service and hard work through technological innovation and our globalised partnerships,” said Julien.


Since his arrival in KL, Julien has noted lots of interesting contrasts between UK and Malaysian removals trades. From day-to-day tasks to management protocol, it’s been a revelatory experience. For example, moving furniture poses its own set of challenges in a city like KL as many of its residents live in high-rise apartment blocks that are frequently taller than 40 storeys. Crews are often called upon to move household goods up and down staircases with temperatures in the region of 34 degrees. “The crews often have to be booked into the complex, building bonds need to be paid in case of any damage, and all this has to be achieved within strict timescales,” said Julien. All relocations are completed with smaller vehicles because the streets are often too narrow or crowded to accommodate large lorries. Like the UK, Malaysia has it’s own unpredictable weather cycle. “One second it can be sunny and then within minutes there can be a monsoon rainfall. Conditions are obviously difficult to predict,” said Julien.


The differences make the job all the more interesting for Julien. “Living in Malaysia in a multi-cultural society is never dull, with the fusions and aromas of food and spices, the sounds and sights and not to mention the driving!”  He clearly loves his new home country


Images - Top: Staff at Intermovers; Julien Wilkinson; Intermovers Van

Felix Relocations – 30 years in Malaysia


Felix Relocations Malaysia was formed in the early 80’s and has flourished over the years helping countless individuals and organisations with their relocations, both domestically and internationally. 


Felix is based in Asia’s cultural melting pot, in which different races and faces come together in a unique and special relationship that makes the country one of the most popular destinations in the world. Over the last 30 years the company has evolved and expanded its services to cater for the market’s increasing demands in the relocation business. As well as office and household goods relocations, Felix has added pet relocations, records management and document destruction to its services.  To meet the growing demand elsewhere in the region the company has expanded to neighbouring countries including Singapore and Indonesia to provide local services to its clients.


Port Klang the largest port in Malaysia with its two sides, North Port and West Port, along with KLIA, one of the most modern airports in the world, provide gateways to all regions of the country. The ports are equipped with state of the art facilities, hassle-free customs and manned by fast and efficient personnel. Malaysia is well-known for its hospitable, courteous people who give a warm welcome coupled with a sincere smile.


Business dealings in Malaysia have their own traditions.  The deal is not concluded until it is all put down in writing - permits, documents approved, papers signed and sealed.  It is vital to make sure everything is in order before a shipment is released right up until it has docked or landed at the destination.


The team at Felix works hard to provide a first class service to its customers and in 2013 the company was awarded a relocation contract for CIMB Bank Bhd, one of Malaysia’s biggest financial institutions. The project involved consolidating five different offices into one main building, with 2057 personnel.

At Felix they don’t just say ‘will do’ they say ‘Boleh lah’… Can be!


Photo: Terence Davindran, General Manager, Felix Relocations, Malaysia

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