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FEDEMAC Summit to be held in Riga

Apr 16, 2015
The first ever annual summit meeting held by FEDEMAC will take place in Riga, Latvia on 18 September, 2015. The Summit will discuss the issues faced by the European moving industry as a result of legislation emanating from the European Union.

FEDEMAC, the Federation of European Movers Associations, was created in 1959 as a response to the development of the European Economic Area. With the establishment of a common market, movers across Europe united to work together towards common goals. Today, FEDEMAC represents the interests of around 3,000 professional moving companies in 24 Member States as well as in Norway and Switzerland. 

FEDEMAC’s main function is to represent the interests of the removal industry at EU level. It has worked to voice the concerns and issues that members face and has found over the years that the concerns are increasingly international in nature.  

“The challenges we face are no longer limited to national level or even at continent level, our industry can no longer look only at its own backyard,” said Gabriela Dimitrova, Head of European Affairs for FEDEMAC.  “Globalisation and the increasing mobility of workers means that individual companies are affected by legislation made in different countries.  It has become necessary for organisations in the moving industry to work together internationally to tackle those challenges.” 

“The aim of the Summit is to initiate better exchange of best practices amongst international removals associations across the world,” said Gabriela. “Despite our cultural and political differences, our overall goals remain the same. Sharing our knowledge and experience would be beneficial for all. As an industry we constantly face new challenges, therefore FEDEMAC believes that those challenges would be better addressed and faced if all stakeholders involved are united.”

FEDEMAC would like to encourage discussion of issues such as customs clearance requirements across the world, the image of the removals industry and an ISO Worldwide Standard for international moves. “These are only a few amongst many others where exchange of best practices would be beneficial to our industry as a whole,” said Gabriela.

“Active dialogue, the development of mutual cooperation, the exchange of information and resolving common interests together, are key to the future success of our industry,” said Aivara Usans, President of Fedemac. “Increased communication between organisations of national and international level is imperative for our industry.”

“Our goals and issues can only be addressed with the active cooperation as well as constructive debate with major organisations such as the United Nations, WCO, the European institutions, etc.,” said Gabriela.  “Therefore FEDEMAC will ensure that the Summit is attended by several representatives of international organisations to widen the spectrum of the discussion outside of our industry.” 

FEDEMAC believes that the Summit will be the beginning of an enhanced cooperation between all international removals associations that will contribute to the economic growth of the industry by tackling all common issues and achieving common goals.


Photo:  From the Top: Riga, Latvia, venue for FEDEMAC's first annual summit; Gabriela Dimitrova, Head of European Affairs


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