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Red Cube Storage listens to customers

Sep 21, 2015
Birmingham self storage company Red Cube Storage recently carried out a survey in the centre of the city to collect and analyse the views of 1,000 self storage users. The question: “How would you like self storage companies to improve their services to the public?”

The company analysed the survey results and implemented them. As a result they recorded an increase in revenues through customers increasing their length of stay and improved conversion rates from new enquiries. By listening to customers the company was able to set up a new self storage facility in Birmingham and win new business amongst larger and more established companies within a two-mile radius.

Red Cube Storage reports on two of the key feedback points that it believes have made a significant difference:

They could help us to move in to the storage facility

37% of respondents said that the company’s willingness to help them move in was important. This is a prime example of adding value to your product or service and can be looked as expanding your services further but geared around the consumer.

You don’t need to offer a free service but having the facility available, or even a list of recommendations to help the customer move in, has been a deal breaker for Red Cube Storage. Passing on a few contact numbers doesn’t always do the job, take it a step further and make the calls for them and arrange the introduction – this little gesture will show your potential customer you care. The keyword from the survey to notice is ‘help’, they are not always looking for a ‘free’ service.

This should be very simple for self storage companies that evolved from the moving sector. But even those without their own services could easily strike up a partnership with a local company.

Shelves and cabinets to help us organise our content

24% asked for shelves and cabinets in their storage units. People felt they had no other choice but to dump everything in boxes, making it difficult for them to find a particular object a few months later. If you provide some simple storage organising shelves and cabinets they can place certain items for convenient relocation. This makes them comfortable leaving their belongings for longer as it’s convenient and easier to access.

The key from this finding is to make your customers comfortable and offer them as much convenience as possible.

Many companies fail to listen and implement improvements to their businesses that are geared to the consumer needs. The common mind-set of many business owners is to study their successful competition and implement a replica with reduced prices. But now the consumers are aware that cheaper prices don’t always mean satisfaction.

Carrying out field research, listening to consumers and implementing the changes makes a big difference to a local business’ customer retention and conversion rates.

Photos:  Red Cube Self Storage

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