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How to convert more removal leads

Apr 18, 2017
Damien Seaman from Buzzmove offers advice and some tips from other moving companies on converting more of your online leads into hard business.


Lead generation is now a common source of new business for removal companies in the UK. Even the big removal brands use them. But the value of lead generation is based largely on how well those leads convert. Some removal companies convert at 40% or even more, while others continue to struggle. What makes the difference?

Call as soon as you can

The best time to call a lead is as soon as it comes through. This is when your prospect is most interested in moving and most likely to respond to your call. According to Paul Fajemisin, Service Coordinator at FA Removals: “It just gives the right impression. You call straightaway and people seem to think, ‘They know what they’re doing,’ and that we’re keen for the business.”

It’s a point supported by Steve Thomas of Four Square Removals: “It’s just basic marketing, calling the leads quickly. You’ve got to do it because there are loads of removal companies out there and if you’re not quick enough the customer will go with someone else.”

Now, this advice is fine as far as it goes. But what if a lead doesn’t answer the phone right away? What should you do then?

Buzzmove research over the last six months shows a clear trend. The best window to call a lead is between 11am and 3pm on the day the lead comes through. If they don’t pick up, response remains high on the following day during the same window. After that, it’s best to continue following up via e-mail.

Show that you care about your customers early on

A good removal company puts its customers first and does whatever it can to deliver a good service. But to convert a lead, you need to show this early on in your communication. So when sending a follow up e-mail after a call, mention your great reviews. Maybe add in a couple of glowing testimonials from other customers saying what a good job you did for them. Tell your leads about the things you do that go above and beyond.

For example, at Cottam Light Haulage, staff make a point of showing up to a job in clean and pressed uniforms and polished boots. And they never smoke on the job. As one of the partners, Gareth Cottam, said: “What we like to think is: ‘If they were coming to my house, would I be happy with the service?’ And that’s how we carry out the jobs.” You probably have a similar policy in your company. But if you do, then mention it early. It could set you apart from the competitors.

Go above and beyond when you do a home survey

We all know that surveying a customer’s property prior to giving a quote is probably the best way to push conversions higher – up to 80% higher, according to some removal companies I’ve talked to. But can you do more during a survey to convert that lead into a paying job? One removal company leaves behind a printed flyer after a survey. On the back of the flyer are spaces for customers to write in their gas and electricity meter readings on move day. It’s a clever touch that shows attention to detail and care for customers’ needs. If you can do the same at every step of your contact with customers, you’re much more likely to convert them. Good luck!

Photo: Removals superheroes: companies that go above and beyond the call of duty when following up leads are more likely to get the business.

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