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Gen Y employees are not hanging around

According to research by the London Business School (LBS), in partnership with Deloitte, most Generation Y employees have no plans to stay with their employers for more than five years. The implication is that employers need to revise their offerings if they are to retain young talent.


Gen Y employees are not hanging around

According to research by the London Business School (LBS), in partnership with Deloitte, most Generation Y employees have no plans to stay with their employers for more than five years. The implication is that employers need to revise their offerings if they are to retain young talent.

Britannia Conference 2014

Last year’s Britannia Conference was held in Monaco, and topping it was always going to be a massive challenge. As a result, the group completely changed tack for the 2014 event, which took place 9-12 May at the Pomme d’Or Hotel in St Helier, Jersey.

Do shipping lines care about reliability?

It is no secret that container operators are currently fixated on cost savings, but the latest data on ship reliability report from Drewry, supply chain advisors, suggests that carriers are worryingly neglecting the product offering to their customers.

The surprising story of a ‘quiet’ man

Many will remember Roy Yearly as the quiet man who worked diligently as BAR’s General Secretary Brian Mitchell’s assistant during the 1980s and early 90s. But there was another side to Roy’s life that few beyond his immediate circle could scarcely have imagined.

EUROMOVERS celebrates the first 10 years at Rome conference

The Hotel Leonardo De Vinci in Rome was the venue for the 2014 EUROMOVERS conference. Unlike any other event in the moving calendar, when you walk in it really does feel as if you have been invited to join a family celebration.

The EuRA Conference 2014 - David Jordan reports from Edinburgh

Like every capital city, Edinburgh has an atmosphere all of its own. As the train pulled in to Waverley station I snatched my first view of the castle, its granite walls clinging to the extinct volcano where it has dominated the skyline for the better part of a thousand years. Edinburgh is truly an historic, enigmatic city, an exciting venue for the 2014 EuRA conference.

Into Africa

According to Executing Growth, EY’s 2014 Africa Attractiveness Survey, Africa’s share of global foreign direct investment (FDI) projects has reached the highest level in a decade. Where investment goes, people follow, so the global mobility industry should sit up and take notice.



Kate and Paul say they will

Kate Prosser, the Administration Manager at Britannia Lanes of Somerset and Bristol married her fiancé Mr Paul Chillingworth.

Prohire invest in new fleet

One of the UK’s fastest growing commercial vehicle hire and fleet management specialists, Prohire Plc, has announced an investment approaching £1 million in its ‘spot rental’ fleet.

The Trident Alliance on track for launch

Trident Alliance, the shipping industry initiative for robust enforcement of maritime sulphur regulations, is well on track for launch after its exploratory meeting in Copenhagen on 28 May, 2014.

New scheme to endorse excellent Driver CPC training

Skills for Logistics is creating an endorsement for Driver CPC training providers to be operational this summer. It is calling on training providers and employers to get in touch to help develop the system, which will ‘sharpen-up’ Driver CPC and make it more relevant to employers.

Young Movers take on London

The Young Movers Conference took place at the Regent’s ParK Marriot Hotel from 1-3 May, 2014 with 170 attendees from across Europe and beyond coming together for networking – and a bit of fun.

City congestion in UK getting worse

Traffic congestion in cities across the UK has got significantly worse over the past year, according to a new report by satnav manufacturer TomTom.

White & Company acquires Maidman’s

Ian Palmer and Brian Maidman have announced the acquisition of Bournemouth-based Maidman’s Ltd by White & Company PLC for an undisclosed sum.

Motorists unhappy with pothole repairs

The government has got a long way to go to convince drivers that they have the pothole problem under control as 67% of motorists think that they are doing a bad or a very bad job of maintaining the nation’s roads, according to the latest research published today by road safety charity, the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

SMEs still reluctant to switch banks

Despite the ongoing concerns over access to finance, charges and calling in loans, small business owners in the UK remain reluctant to switch banks according to the latest research from the Forum of Private Business.

John Mason International donates furniture to the charity Chapter 1

John Mason International has made a donation to the UK charity Chapter 1.

New face at Grospiron

Luis Castagnino has joined Grospiron as the company's new specialist for South America and will be based at the Paris office.


Lots of you spotted a very dapper Dennis Caulfield in last month's competition photographed in Spain in 2008. Actually he doesn't look much different now. But it was Scott Rust from Central Moves in Twickenham who was first back with the right answer. Well done Scott. This month's picture might appeal more to our international readers. Again, it's a while back, but who is the rather confident looking young man in the foreground? E-mail with your best guess and you could easily be the winner of a famous White & Company Red & Black watch. Click here to submit your answer.

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Editor's Blog

  • To print or not to print?

    Jul 10, 2014

    Every time The Mover lands on my desk, usually about 5 days before anyone else sees it, I wonder: has the digital revolution caught up with us yet?  I don’t know, but I would really appreciate your help in finding out.


    Our beloved magazine is sent out in hard copy to anyone in the UK moving industry who wants it and to a few people overseas who prefer it that way.  Elsewhere in the world it’s read avidly online by thousands every month.  Recently I have had the opportunity of talking face-to-face with many of those online readers as I attended conferences.  All seem quite content to read it on their computers, tablets or even their phones.  It makes me wonder: for how long will the world want printed magazines?


    We have no plans to drop the printed copy: many people still tell me that they prefer something real to hold on to.  But, if we did, would it make any difference to you?  Would you read The Mover online?  Maybe you prefer to do that already.


    There are many benefits to the digital option.  You can read it at any time, even if you have left the hard copy on your desk or the 7:45am from Brighton; everyone in your company has access simultaneously; the links are live so it’s a much more interactive experience and better for advertisers; fewer trees lose their lives; and, for us, it doesn’t cost so much to produce.


    On the down side, you do have to own a computer and be sitting in front it or have pretty good eyesight to be able to squint at the pages on an iPhone.  It’s not so easy to flick through and many people just like to have something to hold.  And the perceived value and quality of a printed piece is greater as people understand the precision that goes into its creation whereas online is seen as a much more throw-away medium.


    But we have to keep up with the times and give our readers and advertisers what they want.  For that reason I would be really grateful for your comments.  Would you be just as happy to read your Mover online, or is it too early to let the printed word go? Please e-mail or, if you prefer, drop me a line at the address on page three. 


    Thanks for your help.

  • Moving FOR you

    Jun 09, 2014

    I confess to being a little surprised that the proposal at the BAR conference for the launch of a new Federation of Removers (FOR) was accepted so enthusiastically by the membership.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a bad idea; on the contrary, it seems a perfectly reasonable reaction from BAR to the new organisations that have emerged recently attempting to take its ground.  It’s just that, in my experience, the BAR membership is not usually quite that easy to please.  I expected a fight.


    One might feel that the good people at AIM, the main pretender to the territory I would say, would be disheartened by the news.  But I suspect not.  I don’t think BAR would have launched the initiative if it did not see AIM as a threat to some degree, and it is entirely possible that AIM might see a spike in its membership as people rally to support the catalyst of change. Even if not, I do think AIM should be congratulated for its part in making things happen.


    As far as FOR itself is concerned: I like it, in principle. Its formation, according to BAR, is an acknowledgement of its obligation to the industry as a whole and to help protect customers’ interests. I agree, that’s exactly what a trade association should do.  It seems a shame though that BAR only did it when pushed.


    The rules state that FOR Associates may not claim or allude to being a part of BAR or have access to the BAR benefits. That seems fair to me but it is open to abuse; I suspect that this is a cornerstone of the argument for those who have reservations.  Also, it seems that FOR Associates will be allowed to attend the BAR conference and will be expected to attend Area meetings – this ability to network within BAR seems to me to be encroaching in one of, if not the key benefit of BAR membership.  How it will go down long term we’ll have to see.


    I have other concerns: how the three-year rule will be received is one; BAR Board discretion on applications is another; but fundamentally I wish BAR well with the initiative and hope it will be embraced by the industry in the spirit I am sure it is intended.

    Steve Jordan

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