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Relationships not price

When every other company seems to be talking price, some Australians are discovering a point of difference to grow business. Brett Epstein from Hire A Mover explains how you can stand out without cutting prices.


The Movers and Storers Show 2015

The Movers and Storers Show returns to Silverstone on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 September. This event, established in 2008, remains the UK’s biggest trade show for the removals and storage sector.

AS24: single source for fuel, tolls, VAT and fleet management

AS24 bills itself as being the No.1 network for HGVs across Europe. With 750 service stations throughout the continent, it’s probably true.

Moving to The Next Level

Mark Ratcliffe and Andy Pearson have set up a new company called The Next Level. It has been created to help small moving companies become bigger by focussing on the practical side of what they do.

The boys done magnificent!

A totally biased report of the Santa Fe football tournament by Steve Jordan, Football Manager.

Move Assured: an affordable trade organisation for smaller movers

In just a little over 18 months John Sargant has built his trade organisation Move Assured into a network of 55 removal companies covering much of the UK.

As they like it

Steve Jordan dropped in to meet Ingrams of Bishop Auckland and the two brothers who run it, Malcolm and Ian Ingram. It’s not your average moving company, but it’s the way they like it.



Calais ‘like a war zone’ say FTA members

The Freight Transport Association is pressing the French government to take action on the migrant situation in Calais, which has been described as ‘like a war zone’ by some of its members.

Ben Messingham appointed UK sales manager at has announced the appointment of Ben Messingham as UK sales manager.

PODS Joins The Alliance of Independent Movers

PODS, the Manchester-based containerised removal and storage company, has joined The Alliance of Independent Movers.

Customs delays in Argentina

Transpack Argentina has advised that Argentine Customs is currently implementing a new computer system for exports.

FTA survey reveals congestion on UK roads - worst for over 10 years

A Freight Transport Association survey has revealed that congestion on the UK’s roads is at its worst for over 10 years.

Orphee Beinoglou and Octopus Relocation Services unite

Orphee Beinoglou has joined forces with Octopus Relocation Services making it part of the Orphee Beinoglou & Orbit Group based in Athens.

Tracey runs 26.2 miles for Macmillan

Tracey Rowland from Reason Global Insurance completed the Brighton marathon on 12 April raising over £800 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Boris announces Ultra Low Emission Zone for London

Following a public consultation, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has confirmed that an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be enforced in the Capital from 7 September 2020.


Congratulations to Nigel Saunders from Nuss in Sydney for correctly spotting both Danny Schneider from Marcel Scneider Demenagments Lausanne, Switzerland and the dearly missed William De Souza from what was then the PN Writer in India. Others managed to give one or the other but only Nigel gave both names. But who is pictured this month? Send your answers to to win the White and Company Red and Black watch.

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Editor's Blog

  • Silly season in with a whimper

    Jul 06, 2015

    After weeks of constant travel gathering news from around the globe it was great to spend a whole month back in Blighty: bighting winds and chilling temperatures reminded me that summer had finally arrived.  It was also comforting to enjoy the virtually continuous traffic jams and road works, along with the constant nagging of people trying to get me compensation for an accident I didn’t have, reminding me that the nation is, indeed, booming.

    For movers it is, of course, the silly season, not just in the UK but globally.  It’s a time when traditionally order books are full, holidays are cancelled and vans remain unwashed.  Talking to one mover the other day he said it was a bit like Christmas: you expect it but it’s nice to see a parcel with your name on it to know that you haven’t been forgotten. 

    For many Santa has come along with jingle bells and reindeer galore; but others have reported a more muted spring.  It’s still quite clear that we are not back to the gold plated years before the whole thing came tumbling down.  There are mixed signs of recovery: mortgage approvals are up, but sales to first time buyers are reported to be down; house prices are at an all time high, but that’s partly because there aren’t enough of them. 

    It seems to me that the days of plenty might be gone forever.  Banks are under increasing pressure to qualify their lending so mortgage approvals are unlikely to return to the pre-crash levels, not for some years anyway. And maybe that’s a good thing.  Perhaps, now that the feeding frenzy has stopped, the industry can get back to a more measured approach in which they focus on service, and learn to explain the value of that service to customers.  Companies often have said to me that ‘the customer won’t pay more’. I don’t buy that. I know that people will pay if they can recognise the value in doing so.  If they can’t, they won’t, and the sales proposition is clearly wrong.

    One more thing.  I would like to welcome Ian Studd in his new position as BAR director general which he assumes this month.  I have known Ian for many years and I know him to be astute, fair and friendly.  He has undoubtedly earned his place as a respected member of the industry.  He is perfect for the job. I wish him, and BAR, well for the future.


  • The compliance conundrum

    Jun 15, 2015
    Some of you may have noticed that there have been a few international conferences going on in recent months.  The Mover has covered (almost) all of them.  At most of them there has been a recurring theme: compliance.  Now I can feel you all yawning at this point.  The very word is soporific.  But if you are not already affected by compliance it's because you don't do any corporate work or, if you do, your customers haven't woken up yet.  Be assured: they will.  If you get left behind, you'll be putting up the 'To Let' sign before you can say 'receivers'.

    The problem can be left firmly at the door of the media.  By that I mean all media especially online stuff such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the more traditional newspapers and TV news.  Today we live in a world in which there is no hiding place and the bigger you are, the bigger target you make.  Our world is also more brand oriented than ever before too. Large global brands live in fear of a bad news story, a product recall or, in our industry's case, a corruption charge.  Imagine the field day the media would have with a large household name brand being found guilty of bribery.  They would be all over the company like measles and the affect would be catastrophic.

    So, the big companies don't do it.  They abide by the international regulations (and the UK's are the strictest in the world) and will not do anything that might put them in the firing line.  They also make sure that their entire supply chain does the same: which includes you.  If you don't, you're gone.  And we are not talking about FIFA scale stuff here.  Just paying a few quid to get a shipment cleared faster or to 'help' with a visa application is enough.  Not only do they expect suppliers to abide by the rules, they want you to be able to prove it too.  Very tricky.  And it's no use saying "that's the way we do business here" if you happen to be working in a corrupt country.  It won't wash.

    Compliance is a word you will begin to hear more often and read more about in these pages.  For some companies it already occupies their every business moment.  If you haven't already done so, it might be worthwhile deciding how you are going to deal with it.


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