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Success against the tide

A profile of EMS as it thrives in London’s international moving metropolis. By Steve Jordan


Death of an eccentric

Klaus Zapf, the German millionaire, founder and co-owner of moving company Zapf Umzuge in Germany died unexpectedly of a heart attack on 20 August, 2014 while on honeymoon with his third wife. He was 62.

Buzzmove consults the whole UK moving industry

Buzzmove, a lead generation and price comparison company for the UK moving industry, has launched an industry consultation programme and opened up its service to all UK moving companies.

Lars Lykke Iversen to retire next year

In addition to reporting strong performance for the first 6 months of 2014 the Santa Fe Group announced the news that its CEO Lars Lykke Iversen would retire in 2015 based on a structured succession plan as the company looks forward to implementing the next stage of its business plan.

Whole Vehicle Type Approval is here!

On 29 October all commercial vehicles produced in the EU will require Whole Vehicle Type Approval. Steve Jordan spoke to Steve Thomson of Essex Bodies to find out what the industry is doing to help its customers.

20 years on the acquisition trail

It has been 20 years since Geoff Watson and Gordon Lyall bought Doree Bonner. In that time the company has grown beyond recognition. As the company slips quietly into its 3rd decade under their stewardship, Steve Jordan stopped by the group headquarters in Dartford to see how they did it and what the future holds.

Success against the tide

A profile of EMS as it thrives in London’s international moving metropolis. By Steve Jordan



Housing construction in overdrive

KPMG’s UK Head of Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Richard Threlfall, has recently reported the sharpest rise in housing construction in the UK since November 2003, which must be good news for the moving industry

Phil Stewart re-joins Clark & Rose

Phil Stewart has re-joined Clark & Rose after a two-year break. Phil had been with Clark & Rose for ten years before joining Constantine in 2012.

Stephen Gray appointed Deputy Chairman BAR Overseas Group

Managing Director of Anglo Pacific, Stephen Gray, has recently been appointed Deputy Chairman of the BAR Overseas Group.

European Commission works for better customs risk management

A new strategy to improve customs risk management, together with a detailed action plan, has been adopted by the Commission (25 August, 2014).

A tribute to Roy Fox

Roy Fox died on the 19th August 2014 after his condition deteriorated rapidly following a long illness. He was just a few weeks past his 80th birthday.

Matt’s magnificent road train finally hits the road

Almost a year and a half after taking delivery of a new Scania 560 chassis, truck enthusiast Matt De Machen’s magnificent custom-built road train has finally taken to the road.

Michael Lacsni joins Santa Fe

Michael Lacsni has joined Santa Fe Relocation Services in Australia as Director of Corporate Development.

Volvo Trucks Executives Get a Soaking

Top management at Volvo Trucks’ Head Office in Warwick got a soaking last month as they took part in the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.

Lorry and trailer annual test fees reduced

Fees for annual vehicle tests on lorries, trailers and buses carried out at an Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) fell by an average of 3.5% on 1 October.

Unions in row over sleeping arrangements

International road freight operators and union representatives have hit out against what they see as a protectionist new law in France preventing truck drivers sleeping in their cabs during rest times, claiming it was not thought through and has security, cost, and competition implications.


Congratulations to Tobia Crisostomo from Eurovan in Mannheim, Germany for spotting the charismatic Enrico Frigo from Boliger in Milan last month. This time we return to northern Europe with this young man who has become one of the elder statesmen of the UK and international moving industry. But can you put a name to the face? If you can you could be the proud winner of the White & Company Red and Black watch. Click here to submit your answer.

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Editor's Blog

  • Better together

    Oct 06, 2014

    I know almost nothing about politics and even less about economics but I am very pleased that our friends in Scotland decided last month to stay part of the United Kingdom.  In truth I never really thought they would leave but you can never be sure.  In the words of the Don McLean song Empty Chairs, ‘I never thought you’d leave, until you went.’

    I am not really sure why I am so relieved.  In part it is because I never thought Alex Salmond was for real, though I might be misjudging him.  It is also because, although I am ignorant of economics, I am not sure anyone else knows much more.  I am also aware that it’s very easy to be convinced by the one who shouts loudest, just because they are the voice you hear most clearly, without knowing for sure whether they know best. And, despite my lack of political nous, I do know a little about history which I always think is a valuable commodity during times of decision.  I know what used to happen when we were apart: we were scrapping all the time and I don’t believe it would be much better now, despite all our apparent sophistication. The weapons would be different, but the rest would be the same.  Suddenly the words of Flower of Scotland would take on a renewed poignancy.

    All of the above I believe to be true, but that’s not the reason I am pleased the Scots stayed.  I am pleased they stayed because people should be together.  People should cooperate, help each other, occupy the same space and rub along together.  If they have disputes they should sort them out.  There is enough unease and hatred in this world without generating more for ourselves.

    Maybe that’s also why movers flock to become part of trade associations. It’s just a natural need to belong.

    And talking of which, I understand that NGRS lost its case against McCrorys Removals Ltd. in the Milton Keynes Crown Court on 22 September.   The case related to McCrorys’ failure to abide by the contract terms relating to an NGRS trial offer in 2011 and its subsequent demand for over £14,000 in subscription fees.  Initial reports say that NGRS was denied its £22,000 costs, and its claim and ended up paying McCrorys £5,000. I’ll find out more and report next month.  Interesting times!

  • Why IAM?

    Sep 16, 2014

    When the October issue of The Mover hits your desks I will be attending the IAM convention in Orlando along with around 2000 other members of the global moving industry.  But why?

    We live in the communication age.  We have 24-hour access to information and myriad ways of keeping in touch.  People frequently send emails across an office rather than walk a few paces to talk face-to-face; youngsters text, Snapchat, Tweet, Instagram and WhatsApp their way through life as if the spoken word has become outlawed; I can even confess to sending my daughter a text asking her to come down from her room for dinner!  What’s going on?

    In October the great and the good of the international moving industry will leave their families, run the gauntlet of airport security, sit cramped on jets for hours, suffer the delights of US immigration and gladly fork out $200+ a night in hotel bills, to talk to people – something that many seem to spend their lives avoiding.  In doing so they will achieve little that could not have been done faster, cheaper and easier online.  Or could it?

    Why am I going to IAM? Why does anyone go? I suppose it’s because, at heart, we are all social creatures.  That’s why social media has flourished. We like to talk, swap ideas, joke, play and share experiences together.  How many conversations have started with “Remember when we were in …”? If you weren’t there, you are out-crowd.

    But there’s another reason.  People like to work with people who are serious about what they do.  The very fact that electronic communication is cheap, means that it has a lower perceived value than say, a phone call or meeting.  Travelling half way around the globe says “I’m committed to what I do” and “I value the relationship we have”.  I believe that kind of thing matters.  It’s like comparing a carefully crafted magazine article, and a blog: they say the same but the published article has more kudos.

    There’s serendipity too.  The chance meeting that revives old memories or makes new acquaintances that might, with a little sprinkling of magic dust, become friendships.  It’s hard to do that on a computer.

    If you are going to IAM, I look forward to sharing a few precious moments with you in the Florida sunshine.  If not, maybe you should think about giving it a try next year.

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