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EUROMOVERS Danish Connection: an interview with Keld Gissemann

Dec 19, 2012
It was back in 1999 that Keld Gissemann bought the European Removal & Storage Co in Copenhagen Denmark and 2004 when he was one of the founders of EUROMOVERS International. Steve Jordan dropped in to see him at his office in Copenhagen to see how the company had developed since.

In a quiet corner of a modern industrial estate in Taastrup, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, you’ll find Keld Gissemann’s European Removal & Storage Co.  The company moved into the premises three years ago and, despite the global recession that has increased the stress levels for everyone in recent years, is doing well.  The company also has a branch office in Aarhus in Jutland, across the Kattegat in the west of Denmark, allowing it to serve the entire country and the south of Sweden too. 

Although the premises in Copenhagen are modest they do provide extensive facilities lacking in many much larger organisations.  Adjacent to the smart office area is the 1,500-metre warehouse incorporating a case-making workshop, rarely seen in movers’ warehouses nowadays, and a secure lock up.  Out in the yard is space for lift-van assembly (the company holds the American Embassy contract), the storage of a large fleet of swap-body trailers, and parking for the vehicles that pull them. The company also operates to a Total Quality Management standard that complies with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and meets EN 12522 (furniture removal); EN 12507 (transportation); and EN 14873 (storage).

 The company itself started in 1995.  Keld bought it in 1999.  He had spent most of his life working in the moving business so knew it well.  It was while on a trip to Germany in 2000 that he first saw a EUROMOVERS vehicle alongside him in a traffic queue. “As soon as I got back to the office I decided to investigate,” he said. “We joined EUROMOVERS Germany the following year.”

But Keld was particularly interested in developing a network of international agents.  “We didn’t know many agents and we couldn’t do international moves just with the contacts we had,” he explained.  So it was him and a handful of other European companies who had the same problem who set up EUROMOVERS International in 2004.  Keld became a Board member.

EUROMOVERS International first spread its wings at IAM (then HHGFAA) at San Diego in 2004.  The following year the organisation caused something of a storm at IAM in Washington DC with its ‘painted lady’: a female model painted in EUROMOVERS’ colours. “She really stood out in the crowd,” said Keld.  “She was head and shoulders taller than anyone else.”

EUROMOVERS today has around 60 members in over 30 countries including Australia, New Zealand, China and the USA.  “We are good for each other,” explained Keld.  “It’s a family so there’s always someone to turn to if you have a problem or need some advice. It’s not expensive to join either. We get more business and also can help other members.  We are also able to contribute on third-country moves.  The more people you know the better able you are to solve problems as they come along.”

Keld has recently been working on a new website for his company that gives customers the opportunity of entering information about their move online and obtaining an instant quotation.  That in itself is not unusual but he has added a twist. “We provide a quote but don’t disclose to the customer the volume on which it’s based.  That way they can’t then use the volume we’ve assessed to phone around for competitive quotes.”  Of course he does surveys for all the larger jobs but, according to Keld, it’s online that is the future.

The moving industry in Denmark is not big and Keld’s company has now grown to be one of the major players.  Agents interested in obtaining rates or requesting information should contact the company’s International Manager, Steen Herrche, at

Photo:  Steen Herrche, International (left); Henrik Dixon, Operations (in the cab) and Keld Gissemann.

High THC for LCL shipments though Hamburg

Keld Gissemann has advised that there is a continuing problem with LCL shipments entering Denmark via Hamburg.  Shipments via Hamburg are charged a THC of around euro 900/lift van if their final destination is in Denmark.  In addition, customs clearance at the German/Danish border can be very time consuming. 

Keld advises all shippers to send cargo as FCL or groupage if possible or, where LCL shipment is essential, to route the cargo via Gothenburg in Sweden rather than Hamburg in Germany.  Alternatively ensure that the cargo is not discharged at Hamburg but enters Denmark on a feeder vessel. 

He also warns that it is possible that some shippers are not including THC in their quotations and, therefore, those companies that include all charges might appear to be expensive and, therefore, lose out in a competitive tender.   If in doubt contact

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