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Check seal numbers on containers to Xingang

Apr 30, 2013
Asian Tigers in China has advised that strict enforcement of regulations for shipments into Xingang port have the potential to cause serious delays in customs clearance and additional charges for shippers.
The company has stressed the importance of correctly recording and declaring the container seal number on shipments.  Xingang customs had always required that the container seal number must be the same as shown on the bill of lading. However, recently Xingang customs has tightened up this regulation, penalising wrongly declared shipments by requiring a physical inspection of each item inside the container if the seal number is found to be different.

Shipments in which the seal numbers on the container and the Ocean Bill of Lading do not match will require re-declaring resulting in extensive delays and additional handling charges as follows:

  • Re-declaration and customs clearance: USD 300;
  • Customs bonded trucking fee: USD 500;
  • Handling for physical inspection at Xingang port: USD 500;
  • Fine for wrong seal number: RMB 2,000 (equal to USD 325).

Main shipments effected are shipments to Beijing and Tianjin. At the same time, it will also affect those shipments to Northeast China if Xingang port is chosen as the entry port.

This stringent application of the rules apply only to Xingang port and mainly affects shipments to Beijing and Tianjin, although shipments to Northeast Chioa are also affected if Xingang port is the port of entry.

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