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Traditional Bhutan's state of the art movers

May 21, 2013
Leko Packing, Moving and Logistics is Bhutan’s first packing and moving company.

Head to the eastern Himalayas and you will come across the small but unique Kingdom of Bhutan, a country which still maintains its traditional heritage whilst it continues to grow into a modernised country.

Bhutan’s capital, Thimpu, only opened to visitors in 2001 and holds the headquarters for Leko packing, Moving and Logistics, Bhutan’s first packing and moving company. Bhutan is a small country with a population of only 750,000 and is situated inside the continent of Asia, landlocked between Tibet and the Meghalaya province. The pristine and unique environment of Bhutan shows how Bhutan’s people, the Drukpa’s, are at one with nature, as their deeply-held Buddhist faith holds precious and sacred all forms of life.

Leko Packing was founded only 22 years ago by Kencho Dorji, Managing Director of Leko. He first noticed that there was a gap in the market when working for the United Nations Development Programme in the 1980s. Packers were brought in from India, making it expensive and difficult. Kencho took this opportunity and began offering packing services to foreigners.  He was later joined by his son after his graduation from a university in India, making it a family business. One of the advantages of a family run business is the prospect of succession. “The company can grow from strength to strength to serve the requirements of our clients,” said Kencho.  “My son is an expert in packing, driving, loading and unloading, preparing documents, customs clearance, conducting surveys, and marketing.” The company is the only IAM member in Bhutan.

Leko Packing has only 20 employees and 7 containerised trucks, trailers and vans for clients’ needs, but is still the top choice for a variety of customers and is the cargo sales agent of Druk Air (Royal Bhutan Airline), the only airline operating in the country. Leko Packing is also the UPS agent for Bhutan imports via this airline.

Since Leko was established Thimpu has been quietly developed in to its very own version of the modern world. Keeping in line with this development, Leko is now the leading moving company in Bhutan and offers state of the art facilities for its clients, in the fastest growing capital city in the world. The capital is home to 100,000 inhabitants including the royal family but although Thimpu has modernised in recent years, it is the only capital city in the world to not have a single set of traffic lights!

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