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French Ecotaxe to start in June 2013

Jul 02, 2013
The Ecotaxe system, an environmental truck tax, begins its trials on 20 June, 2013, in Alsace and will then be extended to the rest of France. DKV says that operators need to start planning now to make sure they don’t get caught out.

The Ecotaxe applies to vehicles over 3.5 tons, which represents between 200.000 and 250.000 non-French vehicles, and will be charged on approximately 15.000 KM of national roads, motorways and national roads. Prior to June 2013, companies regularly transporting through and within France will need to undertake multiple steps to maintain efficient and profitable business operations, from ensuring their vehicles using Ecotaxe roads will be equipped with a certified satellite-based, On Board Unit to considering renegotiating transportation contracts to pass the costs of the Ecotaxe on to their clients.

Over 15.000 KM of national roads and motorways not included in the Tis-PL network plus some secondary roads will apply for Ecotaxe levy. The amount payable will be approximately 0.12 euro cents per kilometre, final costs will be determined on the basis of the category of vehicle (laden weight and number of axles), emission class and distance of kilometres travelled on the Ecotaxe network.

All concerned vehicles have to be equipped with a certified satellite based On Board Unit. The DKV Box will handle post-payments for both toll systems in France (TIS PL and Ecotaxe). DKV Euro Service is urging companies to register as soon as possible with either Ecomouv’ (for sporadic users who wish to pre-pay the taxes) or one of the Certified Tax Collectors appointed by Ecomouv’, such as DKV Euro Service, to ensure timely delivery of the new On-Board-Units. Advantages of registering with one of the five Certified Tax Collectors such as DKV Euro Service is that companies will be able to apply for the post-pay scheme and that discounts of  approximately 10% will be provided on the applied levy. Registration for the new DKV Box and Ecotaxe can be done at:

Besides having to order new On Board Units, transportation and logistics companies regularly using the Ecotaxe roads will need to take the increase of transportation costs in 2013 into account. Expectations are that the cost per tonne of transporting freight in France will increase by 2.9%. In addition to this the expected usage of Ecotaxe roads will be higher than currently estimated.

“When talking to stakeholders in the transportation industry, we notice that the industry is adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach,” said Gertjan Breij, Director of DKV Euro Service Benelux VOF. “Given the business implications of the introduction of the Ecotaxe in June 2013 we strongly urge transport and logistics companies to take appropriate measures now to ensure that they will be able to maintain efficient and profitable business operations throughout 2013.”

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