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Looking to the future with Harsch

Oct 08, 2013
Bertrand Harsch, of Harsch in Switzerland, recently wrote to The Mover to introduce his new team, including his two daughters which, he says represent the future of the organisation.

In particular, he wanted to introduce his daughter Isabelle, who he described as “a creative leader” as she prepares to step into her father’s shoes as CEO.


“Through Isabelle's impetus many positive strategic changes are already in place within Harsch,” Bertrand explained.  These have included targeted hiring decisions, continuous learning developments and strengthening of internal structures and work organisation.


On the sales front, Ms. Fabienne Bourbonnaux has joined the team. Betrand explained that Fabienne comes from the service industry, and her strong sales experience will reinforce the company’s already high capacity to address customer needs.


Emmanuelle Harsch, Betrand’s other daughter is back at the company after spending precious time with her two boys (Eliott 4 ½ years and Gaspard soon to be 1 year old). “She is now managing our relocation department and showing that it is possible to have a healthy work-life balance - accommodating family life with a successful professional career,” he said. “I am really happy and proud to have two daughters in the company and recognise the increasing importance of the role that women must play in the business.”


Early 2013 saw the arrival of Mr. Yannick Dubois who has had many years of experience in the international moving business. Bertrand said that he has an important role to play at Harsch, using his experience in the moving industry and expertise in working with agents. “The quality of our agents and the strength of our relationship with them is a key to our success.”


“The quality of our work remains one of our strongest assets,” said Bertrand.  “To respond effectively and efficiently to the important increase in business and to keep up with our quality, we have hired new staff members both in the move coordination department and in the warehouse team. At the same time, to ensure consistent and coherent high quality work, we have revised and renewed our internal training courses. These are largely inspired by our fine arts expertise. After having received special training in the successful transmission of skills and knowledge, two of our sales persons, who previously were lead packers, one in fine arts, Mr. Patrick Decarroux, and one in moving, Mr. Philippe Fernandes, are transmitting their know-how to their colleagues. This ensures that there is for us no difference whether we handle a Picasso painting or a household goods removal.”



Photo:  Philippe Fernandes, Emmanuelle Harsch Vedovati, Fabienne Bourbonnaux, Patrick Decarroux, Yannick Dubois and Isabelle Harsch


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