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More than 10,000 complaints about moving companies

May 27, 2014
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Connecticut, USA has reported 10,762 complaints against moving and storage companies throughout the country in 2013.


Complaints related to missing possessions, damaged furniture and other belongings, damage to the dwellings caused during a move, rude customer service, charges that greatly exceeded an estimate and difficulty in obtaining compensation for damaged and lost goods. In the worst cases, consumers have had their belongings ‘held hostage’ until they paid additional fees.


The report says that while the majority of moving companies are reputable, anyone with a truck and a website can claim to be a professional mover. It says that industry is plagued by con artists who do not adhere to established standards for honesty and ethical conduct.


Connecticut BBB says that the three most common reasons for problems with moving companies are consumers’ failure to thoroughly research the mover’s credentials, not preparing far enough in advance and not buying sufficient insurance to cover their belongings.


It adds that customers can avoid problems by: checking a mover’s registration at and research movers at to check other consumers' experiences and see whether there is a pattern of complaints against a particular mover; obtain three in-home estimates, not telephone estimates as they are notoriously unreliable; understand the limits of standard insurance (60cents/lb) or choose full value insurance; obtain a copy of the document “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” available from; and plan early.

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