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Eurotunnel’s plan to reduce rail freight charges by 50%

Jun 16, 2014
The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed an announcement by Eurotunnel on 28 April that it is committing to a reduction in freight train track access charges of up to 50 per cent.

This follows an ongoing European Commission investigation into the Channel Tunnel charging regimes and the decision by the Channel Tunnel Regulator, obliging Eurotunnel to make its costs more transparent - a key element in determining the level of track access charges.

This action follows lobbying by FTA for a reduction.  In 2011 FTA asked the European Commission to investigate the charges under various EU rail directives, including transparency of costs and charging rules.
To assist the Commission with its inquiries, FTA submitted a report showing that a 40 per cent cut in rail freight tolls would lead to a more than doubling of freight trains through the tunnel.
Commenting on the announcement by Eurotunnel, Chris Welsh, FTA’s Director of Global and European Policy said, “We very much support the statement made by Eurotunnel as this crucially recognises freight access charges need to be substantially reduced to boost freight traffic through the tunnel. This is great news for shippers, the rail industry and the environment.”

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