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TT races: a headache for IoM movers

Sep 01, 2014
We all know how difficult it is to get around on the roads these days, but the next time you’re sitting in a traffic jam spare a thought for the residents of the Isle of Man during TT fortnight.


Every June the normally tranquil island is turned into a boiling cauldron of motorcycle mayhem as racers from around the world put their lives on the line to compete on the famous mountain circuit.


Most roads are closed during the TT by ‘Act of Tynwald’ and it makes life almost impossible for the moving men of the IoM to operate.  Tens of thousands of racing fans descend on the island to watch the spectacular show and take part in mass rides around the circuit on the days between races.


Roy Bracher, who runs Roy’s Removals on the island, sent us these pictures of riders taking part in a tribute ride in honour of racer Simon Andrews who was tragically killed during a road race in Northern Ireland a few weeks earlier.


“We were standing at Sulby Bridge for about an hour and a half watching them go through. It was estimated around 5000 bikes took part,” said Roy. “The Steam Packet Company (ferry) said they carried some 12000 bikes, not counting the ones in vans and trailers, and 37000 passengers during the TT fortnight, no wonder it's so difficult to get around. They also announced early bookings made for next year were 7000 during the first 10 hours of tickets going on sale.”


The TT is one of the most exciting, if controversial events on the international sporting calendar and every bike racing fan will want to make a pilgrimage at least once in their life to see it.  But if you’re not a believer the best advice is to stay well away until the racing is over.


Pictures: Tribute ride to Simon Andrews, Roy’s removals.

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