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How the Energy Union Package affects transport

Apr 22, 2015
The European Commission (EC) has decided on a European Energy Union Package to try to maintain sustainable energy supply through harmonisation and consolidation of the 28 Member States’ energy markets.
The package seeks to provide cheaper energy to the EU’s citizens and businesses and improvements in the energy supply chain.

As far as the transport industry is concerned, the package is set to speed up changes in making transport more efficient and less of a burden to the climate. To reach this goal a number of actions are being drawn up. With reference to the forthcoming Road Transport Package, the EC is emphasizing the need for taxes for use of infrastructure, better use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - such as efficient route calculations, and demand for energy efficient and clean vehicles. The latter also relates to decarbonisation in the industry and transition to alternative fuels.

The current situation in the EU shows that 94% of transport relies on oil products, of which 90% is imported. Emphasis is put on the need for an increase in fuel efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions for heavy duty vehicles.

With regard to alternative fuels that might contribute strongly to the reductions, the EC will take further action to provide the swift deployment of the necessary fuel infrastructure. Furthermore, the European Commission will prepare a comprehensive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) strategy.

More information about the Energy Package can be found at:

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