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AGS launches Africa 54 at The Gherkin

Nov 13, 2016
On 29th September, Alain Taieb, Chairman of the AGS-Mobilitas Group, hosted the last of three events to celebrate the organisation’s Africa 54 project on the spectacular top floor of The Gherkin, overlooking London.

Previous similar events had been held in Paris and Johannesburg, in total welcoming over 1500 guests including dignitaries from every country on the African continent.  

Alain explained that in 2016 AGS-Mobilitas Group had become the only privately-owned company in the world to have operations in every African country.  He said that Africa was a continent with a young population of over a billion people and an annual GDP of 5.5%.  It was large enough to fit the whole of China, India, the USA and most of Europe within its boundaries.  

Explaining the logic of expanding his company throughout Africa, Alain said that there is a growing middle class and there is not a product or service made or used today that cannot find its place in Africa.  “The 21st century is clearly the African century,” he said.  

AGS-Mobilitas Group currently employs 4325 people, 2810 of whom are in Africa.  It provides moving and relocation services to over 170,000 families and 7000 corporate executives a year plus a range of business services such as archiving and scanning.  

But Alain said that Africa needs millions of jobs to be created.  “We want to put down deep roots for our activities in Africa and be asset heavy with our own employees on our payroll,” he said.  He also explained that Africa 54 has taken a lot of time, energy and perseverance and required the company to employ and train hundreds of managers and employees.  

“We will use our knowledge of each African country to ensure sustainable growth that will generate wellbeing and jobs for African citizens,” he said.  “We are today in Africa but always think about tomorrow.  This first page of the story.  The following pages, even more beautiful to write, will be shared, we hope, by twice or three-times as many employees, who will join us thanks to our growth in the continent.”  

The Gherkin is one of London’s most instantly recognisable towers.  The owners claim it to be ‘the most civilised skyscraper in the world’.  

Photo:  Alain Taieb speaking at The Gherkin

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